Friday, 18 April 2008

25 Years Of Mayhem

It gives me great pleasure to invite you all to watch the amazing documentary film, Twenty Five Years Of Mayhem: The Story Of Super Cool Entertainment!

I have been working on this for about four months and everything is finally ready to go! The movie is about an hour and forty five minutes long (hey.. it's been 25 years... there is a lot to say..) but don't let that stop you from watching it.

You can watch the whole thing on-line in it's full length version, or you can watch it in an episodic version where it has been split in to 8 parts... so you can view it over a little more time.... OR if you are the type of person who wants to relax on your couch and eat popcorn, send me an e-mail and I will mail you out a DVD copy for FREE.

This is a big deal, and I really encourage all of you to watch it. If you get this e-mail then you know I am slightly bizarre and obsessive about making things... this movie will hopefully show you how it got that way.. and all the things that have happened up to this point. And if you have known me for any sort of length of time, chances are some of the things in this movie will directly relate to you.

Twenty five years is a long time... especially for a small group of friends to have such a strong vision of creativity.. for some of us, like me, it is how we have chosen to live our life, it means everything to us... and it will continue forever regardless if we get any credit or not. Over the years SC has grown in to something huge, at least on a scale of the effort and love and heart that is put in to everything that happens.. It is more than some independent films and music.. it is an ideology of a world where people can really make a difference with art, even on the smallest of scales.

So.... with that said.. please come and find out what it is all about...

There is a website I have put up with everything you need... The whole film, the episodes, and some other special information such as lists of all the films and music we have made over the years.. and more.

In other news:

-The latest issue of SC Propaganda Magazine is available to read on the web site.

-Death Ray Gun are playing a live show July 25th at "The Terence System Music Lounge" e-mail me for tickets or more info.

-The Beefart and Cheenkaw Adventure Hour is now in pre-production..

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