Tuesday, 4 December 2007

SC Newsletter #45,987

Hello my beautiful disciples...

It has actually been ages since I have sent out this amazing superphonic newsletter... that I might add goes straight in to your inbox without you ever having to go outside... where it is cold.. very very cold.
I have been away my friends.. making the movie 'a zebra for sally'... all last month we shot it.. and right now i am working like a maniac trying to put it together. And when i say maniac.. i am not exaggerating. i don't sleep any more.. i don't eat... my family hates me for ignoring them... it has gotten really bad actually.. i can't remember the last time i bathed... and as such the cats won't go near me any more. But the good news is that 'A Zebra For Sally' is turning out better than not only anyone
could have ever hoped for, but better than any movie ever made... ever.. in the history of movies... on Earth and elsewhere. So you can all start salivating now in preparation for this thing... possibly January.. but maybe February... anyway I don't know when.. it could take me the rest of my life.. but I will let you know... I'm not really joking by the way, I don't think I have ever been more proud of something I have made. And the people who acted in it and helped me were and are outstanding humans.. and I owe them my life.

Anyway, enough about how amazing my new movie is gonna be.. there are always a thousand things going on in my head... for instance Elaine and I are still recording the new Death Ray Gun record.. which is turning out excellent.. it reminds me a lot of the first Death Ray Gun Album, and somewhat of Fukachuk Pandora Machine... at any rate we have recorded tons of songs and we aren't done yet.

I was thinking that 2008 is coming up here fast. Do you have any idea what that means?? It means that SC Entertainment will have been around for 25 years!! Like am I even old enough to have been doing ANYTHING for 25 years?? Let alone running a world wide cult such as SC? Anyway I have a whole year to get misty eyed about all that,
so I won't go on about it any more... but seriously.. 25 years.. holy shit.

As always, please go to the SC website everyday for your fix of coolness.


Here are some things you may want to check out:
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Don't forget about SC Radio.. another link at the top of the page... you should listen to that exclusively.

Here's some stuff that you can see on youtube...
Miette Kolodychuk's video for Miette The Zebra:
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Commercial for the Space Station Zero 3 disc set:
Speaking of which.. and to go back to how cold the weather is... you should brows the SC Catalogue to see if there are any special items you would like to get for your enemies (or sweethearts) for this joyous holiday season... they will be shipped right to your door.. no later than February... or if you are really lucky I will get them to you by Christmas.

I guess I should get back to editing... take care all y'all... and remember... without SC Entertainment in your life you are nothing.. and people will hate you.

Love Blaise.

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