Thursday, 20 September 2007

Space Station Torn Down

Today was a sad day indeed, as I tore down the beautiful Space Station Zero set... why would I do this, you may ask... Why wouldn't I just keep the Space Station alive and well in the glorious SC sound stage hidden below the surface of the earth forever? Well it's time to build new and amazing sets for 'A Zebra For Sally' the new upcoming movie that going to start shooting in November... So get ready for some more mayhem.. and perhaps a bizarre underground tomb! Scary.. isn't it.
A Zebra For Sally is in heavy pre-production right now.. and I am doing lots and lots of work... making shot lists and all sorts of other amazing things.. the cast has all been set, and this new movie will star the amazing talents of some familiar SC faces, such as Terry Ramsay, reprising his role as Cheenkaw.. now in retirement, and no longer on the police force, he is just plain old John Cheenkaw. Other people include Isaac Malik, who you may remember as Jeremy from Out Of State, as well as Barry May who was Raymond the Butcher, also from Out Of State. The two lead roles will be portrayed by some newcomers to the land of SC Entertainment.. Kristy Lannan will be playing the dead girl Sally, and Christine Peterson has been cast as Dale, the poor girl who ends up with a ghost in her head. Also new to the land of SC will be Lee Hicks in the role of Viktor. The whole movie has been pre destined to be an amazing thing that will give you nightmares and confusion until you pass on to the next life... I will keep you updated as things proceed.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Giant Killer Bees

My son Kelton has completed a short film which if I may say so is absolutly amazing beyond anything that has ever been created.. It's called The Bee Movie, and it is about a giant bee who goes insane after being sprayed with toxic bug spray... I make an apperance as 'second guy who gets killed'... Check it out HERE

Friday, 14 September 2007

Space Station Zero DVDs & More Now For Sale!

September 14th 2007

Space Station Zero is now available on DVD! All 10 episodes on 3 DVDs for only $15.00! It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to this planet.. and now you can finally watch Space Station Zero the way it is meant to be watched... in your pyjamas.. in front of the TV.. with a bowl of cereal! And if that doesn't convince you, watch this amazing commercial!

ALSO: is now selling OUT OF STATE, and SPACE COW! At amazing prices that even I can't compete with! These two movies are probably the best things you will see, not only this year, but for your whole life.. (up until 'a zebra for sally' comes out anyway...) So go snatch them up! and tell your friends!
Out Of State
Two misfits and a cannibal search for the tree of reason.

Space Cow
A cow from outer space who fights the evils of the galaxy

Friday, 7 September 2007