Wednesday 29 August 2007

Happy Anniversary SC!

It was recently August 27th, and that day of course marks SC Entertainment's 24th anniversary. And as always around this time of year I get stupid and sentimental about this thing I call SC and I babble on and on about it in bizarre letters and e-mails... this year is no different.. I apologize ahead of time.

SC Entertainment was created a long long time ago.. and has done so many things it is really almost embarrassing, if everything about it wasn't so totally cool. Me and Terry came up with the name while figuring out what to call our comic group.. something to put in the corner of the books we made.. something like marvel or DC... So we came up with Super Cool comics Group.. way back in 1983. It was the idea of some children.. the only difference is that I am in my 30's now and basically nothing at all has changed. The idea behind it has always been the same... to take what ever you got, and make something out of it. SC is possibly the most punk rock entity that has ever existed.. and it won't stop being like that... i'll be sitting here in another 25 years saying the same thing and doing the same thing over and over. We take everything that is shit and celebrate it to the point of it being something we can't live without. We never had anything more than a pad of paper and a pencil we stole from school when we started... and we made up so many stories that it would knock your socks off... and a year later when SC Music debut I didn't have much less than I do now... recording on an old ghetto blaster and using broken old instruments and things we made.. All for what? Just to make it.. turning nothing in to something.. thats what it's all about. And even now.. I gave up a chance to get extra funding for the new film we are making on account of principle. I don't want anything silly like money to stop me from being as creative as I possibly can be... and I didn't want to have to wait to answer to anyone else but myself... the ideas are here, now... not for some future date somewhere after my immediate passion has since gone away. I have come to the conclusion that I will quite probably never make and money from the things I do.. and that's fine.. if money was ever a reason to do something like this there would be something terribly flawed in my brain space.. My point is that this is all good. And I wouldn't want it any other way. Over the years SC has seen so many things happen... and life has changed so much in the world... I remember making piles of tapes for people using a double cassette tape to tape ghetto blaster... making photo copies at the drug store late at night.. The whole idea of this e-mail and website... that was a pile of stamps and a book with people's addresses that I acquired from various places... writing things exactly like this and typing them out on a real typewriter.. mailing things out... instead of free downloads, I would send free cassette tapes... Going through the hell of trying to figure out how to make packaging for VHS tapes... me and Paul running around the whole city trying to find VHS boxes with the sleeve so you could put a photocopied cover in there... and even before all that, just making flyers and handing them out at school... trying to get people to see me and terry playing in his garage.. now it's this... e-mail.. websites.. streaming videos and music.. and oh my god there is so much I want to share with you and everyone.. and to so many people they just see it as shit.. there's that guy who covers his basement in tin foil and makes his buddy hide under a desk to puppeteer a weird stuffed thing he made with a mexican accent, or something... why the hell would you want to see that when you could see some amazing CGI aliens and big production shows who don't get the actors, and the director's 11 year old kid to be camera operator... and the honest truth is, you should watch the shit instead. You watch that and you are watching something that was loved... something that wasn't made with money so much as it was made with hard work and a passion beyond anything that could be considered healthy... SC Entertainment has come such a long way by staying exactly where we were 24 years ago when me and Terry were little kids excited about making up superheros and weird stories about cats and stuff... Along the way we have found a few people who understand.. people like Elaine.. and Paul.. I think the real thing is, that we would do this for the rest of our lives, and sacrifice absolutely everything to make these bizarre dreams become reality, even if no one would ever see it ever... thankfully you don't have to miss out, and you can be a part of this too. One day we will live in a world where people are most focused on creation and art rather than power and money.. and they will look back at me and all these other punk rock kids who didn't care about the system as much as they cared about just getting things made and they will see that we were right all along. Basically what I am saying is that the future of the human race depends on me making space stations in my basement, and horror movies with nothing but corn syrup, food colouring and some people who just want to spend their weekend covered in blood and getting yelled at by me.

Terry and Blaise circa 1993