Tuesday, 25 April 2006

April 25 2006

SPACE COW episodes four and five are now available!

Join Space cow as she battles the menacing Atomic Underwater Wolves from the terrifying planet Vanisheo! And Once again tries to restore peace to an otherwise evil universe! Also see Hank and Gerald teach you about high level mathematic problems, and Bread, butter, cheese, and milk! Just Click the picture below to enjoy the next chapter in the Space Cow Adventures!


Saturday, 15 April 2006

April 15 2006

Fukachuk Egg Machine has ended.

It is time for me to stop making the music that has kept me going for the last 8 years. There are reasons why, but nothing that would make any sense. Maybe that is the whole point, where is the tree of reason anyway? The tree came about 13 years ago, and I have been on an unending journey to find it ever since. But there is no end to the search, and it has consumed my life far too long. At least in any public way. In 1998 I decided to start fukachuk egg machine, and every part of my being has gone in to that.. the musical documentation of my personal search for the tree of reason. If you have a life time to spare you can study all the music, all the lyrics, all the movies and scripts I have written.. and you would see what I have been through to find a sliver of truth in the things I believe. I put it all out there for anyone who wanted to to try and discover and help in any way they could... but it gets far too confusing, even for me. And the truth is that my need for something so huge and great to be discovered has finally over shadowed the fact that I am a musician.. I was once a crazy punk rock guitar playing drunken maniac screaming my head off about numbers and cats and cheese and things that really should be heard.. And no one needs to hear the horrible mess I have gone through for this tree.. and sticks and lizards and Jenny and Jeremy, the frogman, marble street, the underground room.. and everything else... the hundreds upon hundreds of things that go in to what fukachuk egg machine was all about. It's become bigger than any music can contain. And with that I have stopped trying to convince myself, and everyone what it is all about.

I recorded the very last ever fukachuk egg machine song a couple weeks ago. I have decided to put that up for people to listen to. The whole thing feels like someone very close to me has died, but it is something that has to happen... i can't just go on wearing the same clothes everyday and expect anything to change.
So go to http://fukachuk.com and find out what it was all about, and give my last song a listen, because it the end of something that was very special. But don't worry.. I am not going to stop making music all together, I still have Death Ray Gun with Elaine, as well as Hypnotic Session with Terry. They are just very different from fukachuk.. they mean something different.
So... goodbye Fukachuk Egg Machine.


Tuesday, 11 April 2006

April 11 2006

SPACE COW is now available! The Animated intergalactic tale of an outcast biped cow and her trustworthy space cat.. flying through the galaxy in search of justice and hope.. dodging the evil tentacles of the dreaded Milk Stealers and putting an end to evil where ever she goes! Space Cow is now here, and will save your life from an uncertain doom. just click the picture below!