Saturday, 30 December 2006

December 30 2006

 At some point, somewhere, somebody decided that simply being creative and intelligent aren't enough to make a person a worthy member of society, unless of course they are making loads of money doing it. Everything always comes down to money, and it's just some invention that society came up with in order to trade for other things. It's not even real.. it's a concept that has gone terribly wrong... it is supposed to symbolize what a person is worth because of what they do.. and it isn't that at all... how can it be that some people who do so very little have so much of that stuff, but some people who work very hard have hardly any? It is a failed idea that doesn't seem to make any sense to me. I can't come up with a better way to reward people for there efforts, not without some sort of magic or something... but it is just terribly sad that the world has come down to that. People ask me what I do.. and I tell them I make music, and movies.. and almost immediately, without fail they ask me how much money I am making from that line of work, I say that I make nothing, and as a matter of fact I spend a lot of money to do what I do... then i get that look.. and then i have to explain I also work in a print shop in order to make money for the things I need to survive. Then the conversation goes towards that... like because that is where I make my money, that is what is important. The whole idea that I am a person who creates things completely leaves their mind. When in reality, my job is, and always will be to make music, and things for people to see. Things have got to change, and credit should be given to me, and all the people like me who make artistic things. All the people who give up their lives so they can make something that matters.. something real that you can feel inside you something that means a lot more than money. This is one of the reasons i will be spending so much time and effort on Space Station Zero... a show for kids.. kids are just about the only group of people left who are open to something that isn't mainstream... they will watch something so totally insane and messed up, and get enjoyment out of it, and not question the details of why things are the way they are... no kid cares about how much it cost to make something, what was the budget.. kids will see a pig fly and not question it.. and at some point they loose that... and the only reason they loose that is because we, as grown ups tell them that it isn't true. why the hell do we think we have the right? Because someone told us that? Well, someone lied to us... pigs can fly, all you have to do is close your eyes and see it happen. When did money become more important than having the ability to see that? Anyway, happy New Year everyone... and in the upcoming year, I promise you all, I will never stop fighting for the importance of art over money. It just simply shouldn't be the way our world is conducted, not if we have any self respect as a civilization at all.

Friday, 22 December 2006

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

December 13 2006

I am currently in pre production on a very exciting new idea... I have been trying to work it out for a long time and now I think I am ready to unleash it upon the world... We will start shooting next month for the long awaited, super exciting, most astounding children's show ever conceived.. SPACE STATION ZERO! We will start shooting the first season of 10 episodes next month. Join Captain Blaze (Blaise Kolodychuk) and his trusty alien companion Zeep (Terry Ramsay) as they sing songs, and learn important lessons while on the out-of-this-world space station Zero! There is also Cartoons, and Story Time and Adventures beyond any science

the world has ever known! Plus much much more! So you better start getting yours, and any other kids you see on the street excited, because the best kid's show in the galaxy is coming to town!

Wednesday, 29 November 2006

November 29 2006

Please click the picture below to find out everything you can about the seven new fukachuk egg machine records, and to watch the amazing 10 minute long infomercial.


Monday, 27 November 2006

November 27 2006


My Kitty Dorriss.
May 1st 1985 - November 27th 2006
I loved her lots and lots.

Thursday, 9 November 2006

November 9 2006

Simply use the paypal link below, and pay $4.00 per album that you would like.
Then send me a quick email ( with the names of the albums you would like available as downloads.
Within 1 day an e-mail will be sent to you including a link to a zip file that has the album you wanted (In Mp3 format)



Monday, 2 October 2006

October 2 2006


news.h4So the 'Out of State' world premiere at the Globe Cinema went pretty well, it was fun and bizarre and very exciting to see the big SC Entertainment logo come up on the screen at the movie theater. I was told there was around 70 people that showed up, and that we did really well for it being a late show...
Next up is 'Implanted' playing at the Orpheus Theater on October 27th.. along with the new band starring Blaise, Terry and Scott "The Bloody Somethings" more info on that later..

In the mean time.. here are a couple pictures (click them to see bigger versions)...
to see five minutes of video footage from the Out of State Premiere... CLICK HERE!


At the premiere the brand new actual paper magazine "SC PROPAGANDA" was being handed out... welcome to the new age of paper fun.. if you would like me to send you a copy free of charge, just send me an e-mail with your address.. on the cover this month is the ultra amazing Maria Strom, who did the album cover for the new fukachuk egg machine album - wooden implant, that comes out tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 September 2006

September 17 2006


implantedimage1The new fukachuk egg machine movie: IMPLANTED (featuring the songs 'Sister Ledge' and 'The Actress' from the new record, as well as 'Ghost Town Love Song' and 'Daphne') now available for viewing! CLICK HERE



news.h3Live performance of 'Eggs For Sale" also up for your viewing pleasure... CLICK HERE




random017And the new song "Tiny Boxes" from the forthcoming new fukachuk egg machine record is available exclusively on myspace... CLICK HERE

To see more photography from Maria Ström, who did the cover and album photography for Wooden Implant, CLICK HERE

Thursday, 14 September 2006

September 14 2006


As you can see, from the picture, there is an amazing new fukachuk egg machine record coming out soon, on october 3rd.
"But Blaise," you say... "you told us all that fukachuk egg machine ended... and you wrote a big long thing about it.. and you made us all cry about it...." well, sorry about that.. i guess it was actually impossible for me to actually stop making fukachuk egg machine music.. and by the looks of it, you will have to put up with fukachuk for the rest of my natural life. If you are not satisfied with that answer, i have also created a short cartoon explaining why fukachuk is back.. see it here.
Also, not only have I been making a secret fukachuk egg machine record for the last 6 months, I also made a brand new fukachuk egg machine short film.. and that will be available to watch on September 17th (my birthday) It stars Marisa Mori as Partridge Mary Rosencamp, Jenn Slater as Daphne, Terry Ramsay as Dr. Hedges, Amanda Kolodychuk and Mikaela Bridgen as Jenny, me as Surgery Boy, and Toc Choi makes an appearance as himself. so go to the fukachuk egg machine website on sunday ( ) and watch it then.
Wooden Implant is a pretty important thing that you should all hear.. and I hope you like it when you do.

Also, don't forget about out of state at the Globe Cinema on September 30th at midnight... more info and to get tickets, click this picture here:


I have been also recently informed that Space cow will be screened next month as well! I do not have all the details on that yet, and will keep you informed. Also next month, with details to follow soon, Implanted will be performed live, and the new formation of the Blaise, Terry, Scott un-named band will have their debut gig! It looks like it will be at the Orpheus Theatre on October 27th... it will be a spooky halloween show with all sorts of other things going on.... the details are not set in stone yet, and i will inform you of the exact date and time as soon as I get more info... this is something no one should have to miss!

Thursday, 8 June 2006

June 8 2006


Join Nathaniel Weisberg and the House of the Uncanny as they present The mysterious lost Space Cow Episode three for the first time! Space cow confronts the mysterious Madame Barko in the dimension of Volmiziad!

Click the picture below to go directly to the mysterious Episode Three!


Sunday, 28 May 2006

May 28 2006

The debut album from TOC CHOI is now available.
Toc Choi lives in an abandon hospital.
Toc Choi has a serious communicable disease.
Toc Choi has severe facial deformities acquired by years of abuse from its parents.
Toc Choi was raised by radioactive baboons.
Toc Choi doesn't use effects on its voice.
Toc Choi chooses to use wood instead of bone to support its body.
Toc Choi works very hard on its hair every morning.
Toc Choi breathes fire.
Toc Choi has bags of salt where it should have a stomach.
Im not sure, but I think Toc Choi drinks human blood.
Toc Choi likes dr.pepper and salty snacks.
for more information, and some downloads please click on the picture above.

Tuesday, 16 May 2006

May 16 2006

Space Cow Episodes Six and Seven are now available! Watch as space cow goes after the sinister creeps who she rescued Space Cat from in the first place... the evil Galactic Space Nazis! Watch as Space Cow gets her revenge! Also See the mysterious "Tales of the Unknown!" Starring the bunny girl as Wanda Whitford, who dabbles in the occult!
The last episode of Space Cow is Now here! (Or is it the last??) Just Click the picture below!


Sunday, 14 May 2006

June 14 2006

The whole first season of Space Cow, all seven episodes including the 'lost' third episode are now available on DVD! The DVD also includes extra scenes and commercials not available on the original internet broadcasts, as well as some very cool extra features!

Click above to play the commercial!


The Classic 2000 film, finally on DVD! Includes a new "Blaise Version of the film" as well as the original Version!

The massive Fukachuk Egg Machine manifesto! All the fukachuk movies strung together with a complex and totally confusing plot!
1 hour and 23 minutes of Fukachuk madness awaits.

A BOWL FULL OF WEEK OLD MILK AND BISCUITS (A Collection of SC Shorts from 2004 - 2006)
Near Beginning
Box Shaped Dragon Tattoo
Veltrax Talks About Drinking and Driving
The Logical Rumination
The Birth Of Baby Dog
Near Middle
One With The Fish
Cough Drop Box
Marble Street Note Book
I Made You
Near End
A CORBOMITE SELECTION OF FINE DOCTRINES (A Collection of SC Shorts from the 1990's)
In the 1990's SC Released 3 VHS tapes with short films, now compiled together and on DVD for the first time! Includes:
The Zipper Within
The Shirtless Hill
The Elegance Of Bathing
The Doctrine of Vitality
Buddy's Life Signs
The Adventures of Lonny and Ron
Leroy's Cake
Leroy's Shrimp
The Severed Josh
Humanity on Fire Parts one, two and three
Freak of Nature
Get Active!

to get a copy of any of any of these, e-mail Blaise:

You can pay the $5 per DVD by sending me a check or cash or with paypal

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

April 25 2006

SPACE COW episodes four and five are now available!

Join Space cow as she battles the menacing Atomic Underwater Wolves from the terrifying planet Vanisheo! And Once again tries to restore peace to an otherwise evil universe! Also see Hank and Gerald teach you about high level mathematic problems, and Bread, butter, cheese, and milk! Just Click the picture below to enjoy the next chapter in the Space Cow Adventures!


Saturday, 15 April 2006

April 15 2006

Fukachuk Egg Machine has ended.

It is time for me to stop making the music that has kept me going for the last 8 years. There are reasons why, but nothing that would make any sense. Maybe that is the whole point, where is the tree of reason anyway? The tree came about 13 years ago, and I have been on an unending journey to find it ever since. But there is no end to the search, and it has consumed my life far too long. At least in any public way. In 1998 I decided to start fukachuk egg machine, and every part of my being has gone in to that.. the musical documentation of my personal search for the tree of reason. If you have a life time to spare you can study all the music, all the lyrics, all the movies and scripts I have written.. and you would see what I have been through to find a sliver of truth in the things I believe. I put it all out there for anyone who wanted to to try and discover and help in any way they could... but it gets far too confusing, even for me. And the truth is that my need for something so huge and great to be discovered has finally over shadowed the fact that I am a musician.. I was once a crazy punk rock guitar playing drunken maniac screaming my head off about numbers and cats and cheese and things that really should be heard.. And no one needs to hear the horrible mess I have gone through for this tree.. and sticks and lizards and Jenny and Jeremy, the frogman, marble street, the underground room.. and everything else... the hundreds upon hundreds of things that go in to what fukachuk egg machine was all about. It's become bigger than any music can contain. And with that I have stopped trying to convince myself, and everyone what it is all about.

I recorded the very last ever fukachuk egg machine song a couple weeks ago. I have decided to put that up for people to listen to. The whole thing feels like someone very close to me has died, but it is something that has to happen... i can't just go on wearing the same clothes everyday and expect anything to change.
So go to and find out what it was all about, and give my last song a listen, because it the end of something that was very special. But don't worry.. I am not going to stop making music all together, I still have Death Ray Gun with Elaine, as well as Hypnotic Session with Terry. They are just very different from fukachuk.. they mean something different.
So... goodbye Fukachuk Egg Machine.


Tuesday, 11 April 2006

April 11 2006

SPACE COW is now available! The Animated intergalactic tale of an outcast biped cow and her trustworthy space cat.. flying through the galaxy in search of justice and hope.. dodging the evil tentacles of the dreaded Milk Stealers and putting an end to evil where ever she goes! Space Cow is now here, and will save your life from an uncertain doom. just click the picture below!


Friday, 24 March 2006

March 24 2005


I am currently in production on the animated film "Space Cow" It's from one of the very first SC Comics waaay back in like 1983.. coming to the screen for the first time. It is all hand drawn, and will be somewhat like Rocket Robin Hood.. or Max the 2000 year old mouse, or the old spider man.. or Space Angel.. I'm not trying to scare you off, I am trying to explain to you how cool it is.. At any rate it is gonna be awesome.. it will also contain some interesting live action footage as well.


Monday, 20 March 2006

March 20 2006

There are a whole bunch of new downloads available on the DIE SPINNE download page... so if you are feeling nostalgic for the hard core days of the 1990's when we truly did rule the entier world, go check it out!


Thursday, 9 March 2006

March 9 2006

Blaise and Elaine's amazing Death Ray Gun album Snails is finally available for download! Just click on the tracks to go to the download pages for each song... these are also available on the Death Ray Gun page of this web site... I hope you all enjoy this music



Raised by Snails
The Eye
Life in an egg
Everything I remember about the giant snails
The Accident
Snail Song
The Run
Cake and Algae
The Eye (closed)
In the end

Wednesday, 1 March 2006

March 31 2006

I just found out that the film I wrote and directed called "Phaedra's Room" has been nominated for an AMPIA Award for best student film..


Thursday, 23 February 2006

February 23 2006

First off it was Terry's Birthday a couple days ago.. so happy birthday to him and his eternal youth... As you can see I have updated the look of the website, especially the section where you watch movies... All the movies are now hosted on the you tube web site, and as such they are all macromedia flash... which will be a great relief to all of you who hate real player.. so go there and watch tons and tons of sc movies.. I have added "The Tragedy of Mary Kettle Live" there as well, so if you want to go see some live fukachuk, I would recommend watching that. I hope you all enjoy. If you have any suggestions about more movies I should post up there, just let me know.. there is a list of everything we have done in the Catalogue section of this web site. Out of State premiered at Barry's shack last saturday, and it seemed as though everyone was impressed... which is good.. I think.. after all the work I put in to that. I have been submitting it to various film festivals around the world.. no word yet on any of them... but the movie is so good I would be surprised if it got snubbed by everyone.. !! But you don't really have to wait to find out if it will be coming to a cinema near you to see it... just head over to and find out how you can get me to send you a copy right now.. In other news, this sunday I will be doing something insane... history making amounts of insane.. you will all get to find out about that soon enough.
That is all for now...
Blaise Kolodychuk

Saturday, 14 January 2006

January 14 2006

Happy New year!
To see the trailer for OUT OF STATE click the picture below!