Friday, 23 December 2005


Friday December 23rd.

Last day of shooting with humans.. it went well.. as usual... everyone was wonderful.. as usual. Though I am happy that the whole madness of shooting schedules and dealing with humans (however wonderful you all were) is over.. it is pretty sad that it is. You get so used to a group of people working towards a specific goal.. and when something amazing comes of it.. anyway.. I am a nostalgic sentimental freak, and I shouldn't be allowed to leave my house. Now the really hard part begins.. I have already been editing a lot, and I have about 25 minutes of the film done. But I have to start building things... I have some blueprints drawn up, and a lot of ideas about how I am going to do it. I foresee a lot of long nights in my basement breathing in saw dust and paint fumes... On top of the models I have to make a dead beaver that I can use for several stop motion animation sequences.. and I am also creating a frog man character, and this time is will not be my friend Hussein, I plan on him being a real frogman... half frog, half man... When I have something interesting to show, I will continue this page with more pictures, so keep checking back... anyway, here are some behind the scene shots from the last day of shooting.







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