Saturday, 27 August 2005

August 27 2005

Twenty Two

Today, August 27th 2005, is the day that SC Entertainment turns 22 years old. 22 is pretty freaking old if you ask me. But it is all still very worth it. SC has changed considerably over the years. When it started in 1983 it was just a name that me and Terry used on the front of the comic books we made, we came up with the name together, super cool comics. And it wasn’t until a year later that it became the abbreviation SC. SC Music was put on the side of the first Electric Oinks tape that me and my friend Clayton made, and then it wasn’t until a very strange summer in 1987 when SC Films was created. The first film ever made was the adventures of Brenda it was half stop motion and half puppet.. and very odd.. and now lost forever. SC in it’s prime was composed of many, many people all doing brilliant things under the name. We have all made music, and written comics, and magazines, and made movies and done a million different things over the years… SC is something to be proud of. These days all the main people involved, such as me, Terry, Paul, and Scott are mostly off doing our own things. Paul has been very successful under the name Carrot Kid Creations, and continues to amaze everyone who gets a chance to see his work. Scott is off in BC doing who knows what.. but I’m sure it is amazing. And Terry.. well Terry still lives down the street from me, and we still get as excited as we did 22 years ago about making something new. It is mostly just excitement and not as much gets done these days. It is hard sometimes to get the team together when we are all ‘adults’ and we have things to worry about like paying rent and feeding the kids. I suppose that’s why SC is mostly just me now… I make most everything on my own, mostly because it is easier to get me to do what I want, than it is to get anyone else to help. I know this last year I have been trying to do too much. At least in the music area. I think I have released 3 different fukachuk egg machine records, plus everything I have done with Elaine. I don’t know if I am just scared of running out of time before I get to say everything I want to or what, but even I think I have done too much. And on top of it, it is all very weird and it would take another five years just to try to explain exactly what it is I am trying to say with my music. Perhaps I have really just lost my mind. But probably not. At any rate, SC has always been about creativity, and trying to give people a good time, and I think we are still doing that.. perhaps not the same as it was in the early 90’s when it was all about the show. Even though those were some of the best times in my life, I don’t think anyone could do that forever. Anyway, the message is different now… and also exactly the same.

And now as an ultra super treat, here is a brand new song From Blaise Kolodychuk and Terry Ramsay, the people who brought you EO, and Dads with no Face.. and everything else you love and need in your life!!