Tuesday, 24 May 2005

May 24 2005

So, go and get yourself some live fukachuk rock n' roll by going to my download page HERE. I have a track from when I played the other night up.. Bathtub full of Lilies. I hope you all enjoy!


Sunday, 1 May 2005

May 1 2005


The Bo-Bo 5 tenth anniversary DVD is now complete. If you would like one please write me an e-mail and we shall discuss. It has been completely re-mastered from the original footage from 1994 - 1995 and re-edited. It includes never before seen footage, all new special effects and a new original score. The DVD also includes the 15 minute documentary "The making of Bo-Bo 5" with brand new interviews from the Writer / Directors Blaise Kolodychuk and Paul Whittington, deleted scenes, alternate scenes with different actors and more.

Also as you can see there are a bunch of new downloads including Bo-Bo 5.. if you wanna check it out.. and the soundtracks to Phaedra's Room, and School of the Dead. After a slew of requests, the Near Jennifer series is back as well.

I have also been working on creating sock puppets... we will see where that takes me.