Thursday, 21 April 2005

April 21 2005

So on Wednesday, April 27th there will be a screening at the Uptown Theater of stuff that was done by my class at school this year.. So you should all come check it out, be there at 6:30
Included in the screening will be "Phaedra's Room" which I wrote and Directed.
also included is Hussein Juma's "School of the Dead", and Leanne Graham's "Urban Canvas" plus a bunch of other worthwhile fare.. it is free to get in, but make sure you come early, as seats go fast.

I have also been asked to play live.. as fukachuk egg machine, at the Calgary Asian Film Festival.. I am well aware that I am not Asian.. but that's okay. At any rate I am starting production on a new fukachuk movie that will be projected during this live show... I start filming tomorrow, it will star my friend Vahini Govender as Mary Kettle. I will be playing at the Calgary Science Center, on the 20th or the 21st... I will update when I have a confirmed date...

The Bo-Bo 5 DVD is done, but I am having a hell of a time actually burning it... I don't know why but it crashes everytime it gets to like 97% done... i will keep working on that i guess.

And remember to go download the new Death Ray Gun record, if you haven't already... and the new Fukachuk record too.

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