Feb. 13 2005

The New Fukachuk Egg Machine Album will be released on March 1st 2005! It is entitled "Beautiful Robot" and has 16 brand new tracks...

robotmermaidmed1. secret broken watch (4:07)
2. broken ice (4:51)
3. gilbert town (4:07)
4. real life (4:48)
5. secret wardrobe (3:55)
6. it was last night (2:13)
7. plastic (5:59)
8. transplant (4:08)
9. bathtub full of lilies (3:16)
10. sunday afternoon (2:51)
11. need to see your eyes (3:15)
12. younger (4:02)
13. atrophy (4:29)
14. how to build the perfect human (3:18)
15. lolly pops and birds (5:38)
16. mermaid version 2 (3:34)

And that's not the best part! I will be giving away this record to ANYONE who wants it! That's right, I want you to hear this that badly... So come one, come all and celebrate in the madness which is my head! Just send me an e-mail at sc_music@hotmail.com asking me for "Fukachuk Egg Machine - Beautiful Robot" and include your mailing address, and you shall receive the greatest gift any man could give you... in return, you could write me a love letter after you listen to it.. but that's all I ask...

the record is really good. don't pass this one up.