Saturday, 13 November 2004

November 13 2004



What I have for you, dear readers, is quite the treat. I have been working on a brand new animated series, and the first episode is done. The show is called "Marble Street Note Book" and follows the lives of Simon and Sindy as they make their ways through the city, the forest and beyond... The men in the black coats don't like Simon very much... and they will stop at nothing to send him away... also featuring the frog man.

Also now available is a new song from Space Cat Robot! "Portrait of Annelise" Now available on the SCR soundclick page... so go check it out!

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

November 3 2004


The final Episode of What The Bunny Saw is now available for download... Okay... so this one isn't animated... but it was the only logical end after the epic episode 3... Now that The Bunny Show is finished, what the hell are we going to do??? I need to entice you all back here month after month somehow. And lets face it, the Cindy Mae comic is freaking cool.. but it doesn't move. I will have to do something drastic to keep your loyal readership. Stay tuned next month for more detail about my dastardly plan!

Tuesday, 2 November 2004

November 2 2004

Happy election day to all the Americans who worship at the golden cow which is SC Entertainment... Any way.. I just wanted to make sure all you Americans go out and vote for John Kerry... Now I don't even particularly like John Kerry.. but the alternative is probably the most evil, and stupid man I have seen in political power in a very long time. And quite honestly, if Bush wins I will be scared for my life... so please drag grandma out of the home, and load up your busses with registered homeless people... and vote that psycho out of office...

Sorry to get all political... but it is sort of important.

UPDATE Nov. 3: We are all doomed.