Thursday, 30 September 2004

Sept 30 2004

I have had it, and I'm sure you all have too... What I am talking about is the horrible, annoying, distracting, evil, and absolutely stupid pop ups and ads and what ever the hell that thing is that is on the side of the page, whenever you come visit this, should be, beautiful website. I have taken drastic measures. And I am going to actually pay for web hosting. I am going to have to change the address... unfortunately to something less attractive than what i have now... it will be ,  but, i am not going to pay that much. anyway... all the pages will be on the same server.. there will be more downloads.. and most importantly, NO ADS. this will be happening in a few weeks... so I will make sure and keep you all updated on the site, and in the SC Newsletter that gets sent out.

Anyway, that's the plan. and now some more pictures from Bo-Bo 5... which I am working on night and day.. I have finished the first 12 minutes.... oh, and by the way, the next issue of cindy mae might be delayed a bit... sorry.

news report about the cheenkaw memorial fund
spider-man in full web slinging action

satan has a few words with bo-bo

rolf discuses his return to earth with osiris

Thursday, 23 September 2004

Sept. 23 2004

I have received, in the mail from Paul Whittington all the rough footage from the epic SC Film, Bo-Bo 5. What happens next is this: I will begin the tedious process of re-editing and re-scoring the entire picture... re-doing all of the special effects and everything.. this was the biggest and longest film our team had ever done, and this won't be easy... but during the process I will keep you all updated.

also today is Elaine's Birthday... we all wish her the best on this day.. especially me.

Blaise digging the hole that Zombie Rolf pops up from when he 
returns to Earth once again, to destroy Bo-Bo once and for all!

Saturday, 11 September 2004

Sept. 11 2004


So here it is.. anniversary day of all that mayhem... but what have I been doing? well as you can see, I have been updating the look over here at sc entertainment.. i think it is quite nice... the new little bar over there to your right will be showing all the new stuff there is for you to do here, and as you can see there is a lot going on right now... so what are you doing man! get to it! and don't forget that it's my birthday next friday, so you best all be getting me presents! I'm back at school, so things may or may not slow down here... i guess time will tell... at any rate, if you are on the super fantastic SC mailing list you shall be updated on the cult activities...