Wednesday 18 August 2004

Aug. 18 2004

birds and stone along with Curious Logical Development Presents: 
P.I.P.E (Performance in Peculiar Environments) August 26-28, 2004 (Thursday – Saturday)  A site-specific performance festival
9:00pm@birds and stone (1703 1st NW - In the basement of the church...)
Tickets $5.00 at the door 
P.I.P.E. is a three-day, site-specific performance festival. Its mandate is to showcase the cutting-edge work of Calgary’s emerging arts community while encouraging a philosophy of creation that transcends traditional performance venues. P.I.P.E. promises to be a unique experience for audiences, providing a taste of Calgary’s vibrant performance underground.
As night falls on Calgary’s summer haze, 12 artists emerge from the shadows, spinning spectacles of beauty and awe. From a rusted garbage can, a blue-lit musician lays bare his soul. On crumbling stairs, a mummified body gasps, writhing desperately towards darkness. Across the street, a circus of bizarre events unfolds. The basketball court becomes a place of ritual, the open field a spectacle of fear.

At any rate, that is the press release.... What you need to know is that me and Amanda have been hard at work filming the fourth instalment of the fukachuk egg machine films, this one is called "the three sticks" and uses three of the songs from the new record... it will be about 22 minutes long... (much longer than the folks at PIPE wanted, but there is nothing I can really do unless I want to tarnish my vision.....) and you guessed it, i will be showing it at the above mentioned three day event.. so come one come all and experience the coolest film i have made in a long time... (by the way, this is the reason i haven't sent out the CDs yet to all the people who entered the contest... i have been crazy busy with this thing... soon though.. sorry...)

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