Monday, 14 June 2004

June 14, 2004

feedme[1]Okay, get prepared for some amazing fukachuk action to be coming your way super soon... and I'm not talking about the groovy new record that I have been recording for the last few months... that's right something else, and sooner! But more about that later. Right now you have to head over to the fukachuk egg machine MP3 download page (Use the swank new menu bar to the left) And download yourself a copy of the brand new song "FEED ME" not only does it rule the entire universe, but it will make you breakfast in the morning... But wait! Don't stop there! I know you all downloaded the last song "Flying" but guess what sucker, you better download it again! I have a new mix of the song there now, and well... it's just better than the old one (And remember how good the old one was??) Keep coming back to this page for more details!

On Paul Whittington's Web Site check out the new stodl8p motion film "Table Kid Kirby" It is totally cool. It is the first in what will be a series of shorts staring the amazing Kirby. So download away by clicking HERE, or visit Paul's site by clicking THIS SPOT HERE...

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