Sunday 28 March 2004

March 28 2004


Check out the swank near jennifer link to your left, it contains all three parts of the series available for your download pleasure... they is real media, cuz i swear to god it is the way of the future... if you don't believe me, just try it.... If you don't feel like downloading all my films, you will still have a chance to see them. I will be showing them all at the next 'curious logical development' Its thursday April 8, starting at 7:00pm, at the Alberta College of Art, in the Stanford-Perrott Lecture theater... so come and have fun, and see amazing sights!

The super blaise and elaine double album is all done! well the music part of it anyway... we are now trying to come up with a name for ourselves, and packaging and all that...

Amanda Kolodychuk has begun work on a script for an upcoming (hopefully) summer feature that me and her want to shoot... it's about murder and crazy shit and bunnies and junk.... more news on that later... and if anyone knows anyone with extra money that they want to invest in a crappy shot on video horror movie tell them to contact me...

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