Wednesday 11 February 2004

February 11 2004

sing11[1]February 11 2004
i have recently added some songs for download on DOWNLOAD PAGE 2 (to your immediate left) There are two more songs from the upcoming Blaise Kolodychuk and Elaine Boyling album (Group name still to be determined...) Walking, and Poderchat.. a couple of the more upbeat tracks from the record... we have recorded something like 30 songs already, totaling about 2 hours of music... I'm still not sure if we will be done anytime soon. Also on the page is the 'Space Cat Robot' (Blaise and Amanda Kolodychuk) cover of the cure's song Pornography... so download away, and don't forget all the other goodies there for you as well. scr

In Film news I have been working on the DVD for the 10th anniversary of FOWLER CREEK... the amazing hour long drama of mystery and intrigue and dudes running around swearing and beating each other up... (see the fowler creek link to the left for more info)   more news on that coming soon...

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