Tuesday, 24 February 2004

Feb 24 2004



Part two is up now, NEAR BEGINNING, it is actually the first one. I hope you all like it as much as you liked the other one, it's a little longer, and it has some nifty rotoscope type action in it with me, I would like to thank Amanda Kolodychuk and Scott Johns for providing some extra footage for it. You may notice that there is now a NEAR JENNIFER page, that's where you will find it, I keep running out of space on these free server things I am using so I have to open up a new account for everything, lets hope they never find out about my little scam... also on the page is another song from the Blaise and Elaine extravaganza, this one is called 'drug filled mouth' so download it and play it at all your social gatherings. A couple days ago it was Terry's birthday, so Happiness to him and the 20 years he has put into making SC the coolest shit around.

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