Thursday, 23 December 2004

Wednesday, 22 December 2004

December 22, 2004

EO has reunited for one day only! And we are dolling out christmas cheer in buckets of blood!
Click the picture to start your free download of the EO Christmas carol entitled: xanta klause!
Please don't let your children hear this....


Saturday, 18 December 2004

December 18 2004

primacarneThere is a brand new deathraygun song available for download right now! It is called "Prima Carne" and it will knock you down and make you cry, and then knock you down again!!

So please go check it out, it is well worth it.
Also: DeathRayGun are planning on recording in January for a new record... Idl9 know you have all been waiting patiently for that to happen... so yey! Wish come true!

In other news, the new episode of Paul Whittington's table kid kirby is now available! It is called 'The Other' and is super cool... so make sure you take a look!

And right now talks are in the works to possibly bring back the original dads with no face members for something spectacular.... I will keep you posted on what happens there!!!SV400200

Also... it is my daughter Mikaela's birthday tomorrow.. so happy birthday to her! Being 7 has got to be more fun that being 29... I can tell you that!

Saturday, 4 December 2004

December 4 2004

December 4 2004


It isn't fukachuk egg machine, it isn't what fukachuk egg machine had become anyway... it is sort of what fukachuk egg machine was originally.. when it started in 1998. But, no, this isn't fukachuk egg machine. I don't know what it is. it's not the giant killer robot stuff I was working on... as far as I can tell it is me being fed up with everything and just making the music I really want to, without being at all worried that anyone else will like it. But I still hope you like it, cuz I do...

Saturday, 13 November 2004

November 13 2004



What I have for you, dear readers, is quite the treat. I have been working on a brand new animated series, and the first episode is done. The show is called "Marble Street Note Book" and follows the lives of Simon and Sindy as they make their ways through the city, the forest and beyond... The men in the black coats don't like Simon very much... and they will stop at nothing to send him away... also featuring the frog man.

Also now available is a new song from Space Cat Robot! "Portrait of Annelise" Now available on the SCR soundclick page... so go check it out!

Wednesday, 3 November 2004

November 3 2004


The final Episode of What The Bunny Saw is now available for download... Okay... so this one isn't animated... but it was the only logical end after the epic episode 3... Now that The Bunny Show is finished, what the hell are we going to do??? I need to entice you all back here month after month somehow. And lets face it, the Cindy Mae comic is freaking cool.. but it doesn't move. I will have to do something drastic to keep your loyal readership. Stay tuned next month for more detail about my dastardly plan!

Tuesday, 2 November 2004

November 2 2004

Happy election day to all the Americans who worship at the golden cow which is SC Entertainment... Any way.. I just wanted to make sure all you Americans go out and vote for John Kerry... Now I don't even particularly like John Kerry.. but the alternative is probably the most evil, and stupid man I have seen in political power in a very long time. And quite honestly, if Bush wins I will be scared for my life... so please drag grandma out of the home, and load up your busses with registered homeless people... and vote that psycho out of office...

Sorry to get all political... but it is sort of important.

UPDATE Nov. 3: We are all doomed.

Sunday, 24 October 2004

Oct 24 2004



The latest issue of Cindy Mae's Adventures of Doom is now available!! Wow.. 2 in one month.. i guess i felt bad that it was so late this month.... enjoy!

Saturday, 23 October 2004

Oct 23 2004

Some songs from the latest fukachuk egg machine album are in rotation on the radio station "Snow Land Heartbeats" (SNOWLAND HEARTBEATS is DJ Dragonfly B's personal offering to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and all Tibetans living around the world. This is a private, independent, non-political, not-for-profit, streaming radio webcast, broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It aims to bridge musical, cultural and interfaith diversities within the rooftops of our planet - Tibet, Central Asia, the Himalayas and our own Canadian Rockies. Dragonfly B drops an eclectic mix of world beat music, folk, jazz, blues, electronica, ambient, new age, meditation and spoken words from around the globe. This station also features emerging local recording artists from Calgary and Western Canada. Peace.) You can obviously see why I am on there... At any rate, it's cool, so check it out.

Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Oct 20 2004

I will be directing a script that I wrote called 'Phaedra's Room.' We begin shooting at the end of the month in November. This is a SAIT production, and will be shot on 16mm film. I am pretty excited about this.. A friend of mine 'Smoker' Dan will be producing. If you want to read the script, please click here.

Monday, 18 October 2004

Oct. 18 2004



Check out the latest issue of Cindy Mae's Adventures of Doom! This time, in Episode 3, Reggie Renolds confronts Bo-Bo, and is saved by a mysterious visitor!

Also Go check out a brand new song from the worlds most unexplainable duo DEATH RAY GUN! The song is called Kirk, and it will kill all infections!

Monday, 11 October 2004

Oct 11 2004


New Downloads!
Click on the pictures to go to the download pages for the various artists. There is 2 new Space Cat Robot songs available for download. For those of you who don't know, Space Cat Robot is a project with spoken word by Amanda Kolodychuk over noise and Music created by Blaise Kolodychuk and Elaine Boyling... Pretty cool stuff. Also there is a new "Diabolical Egg Machine" Song available... which is basically Fukachuk Egg Machine, this song is an experiment on what may be a new record, it will be like a Giant Killer Robots Part 2 or something... nothing soon or for sure though, this is only a test...

So get to it and download away!

Monday, 4 October 2004

Oct 4 2004


So, here it is.. the new site... I hope you like it. and remember to change your favorites, bookmarks, and what have you... more news coming soon... right now i am sleepy.

oh.. by the way, if you want a baby hamster, e-mail me asap! 
We gots lots....

oh yeah, the cindy mae comic isn't done yet, but the new episode of what the bunny saw is now available! Watch Episode Three - a bunny odyssey

Thursday, 30 September 2004

Sept 30 2004

I have had it, and I'm sure you all have too... What I am talking about is the horrible, annoying, distracting, evil, and absolutely stupid pop ups and ads and what ever the hell that thing is that is on the side of the page, whenever you come visit this, should be, beautiful website. I have taken drastic measures. And I am going to actually pay for web hosting. I am going to have to change the address... unfortunately to something less attractive than what i have now... it will be ,  but, i am not going to pay that much. anyway... all the pages will be on the same server.. there will be more downloads.. and most importantly, NO ADS. this will be happening in a few weeks... so I will make sure and keep you all updated on the site, and in the SC Newsletter that gets sent out.

Anyway, that's the plan. and now some more pictures from Bo-Bo 5... which I am working on night and day.. I have finished the first 12 minutes.... oh, and by the way, the next issue of cindy mae might be delayed a bit... sorry.

news report about the cheenkaw memorial fund
spider-man in full web slinging action

satan has a few words with bo-bo

rolf discuses his return to earth with osiris

Thursday, 23 September 2004

Sept. 23 2004

I have received, in the mail from Paul Whittington all the rough footage from the epic SC Film, Bo-Bo 5. What happens next is this: I will begin the tedious process of re-editing and re-scoring the entire picture... re-doing all of the special effects and everything.. this was the biggest and longest film our team had ever done, and this won't be easy... but during the process I will keep you all updated.

also today is Elaine's Birthday... we all wish her the best on this day.. especially me.

Blaise digging the hole that Zombie Rolf pops up from when he 
returns to Earth once again, to destroy Bo-Bo once and for all!

Saturday, 11 September 2004

Sept. 11 2004


So here it is.. anniversary day of all that mayhem... but what have I been doing? well as you can see, I have been updating the look over here at sc entertainment.. i think it is quite nice... the new little bar over there to your right will be showing all the new stuff there is for you to do here, and as you can see there is a lot going on right now... so what are you doing man! get to it! and don't forget that it's my birthday next friday, so you best all be getting me presents! I'm back at school, so things may or may not slow down here... i guess time will tell... at any rate, if you are on the super fantastic SC mailing list you shall be updated on the cult activities...

Friday, 27 August 2004

Aug. 27 2004

Today SC turns 21 years old... August 27th 1983 was the day me and Terry sat on the steps in front of his house and we came up with a name for the comic company we had, Terry said "Cool Comics" and I said "We are better than that... how about Super Cool Comics!" (We were like 7 years old... give me a break...) At any rate, Super Cool Comics has turned into SC Entertainment... A place where me and my friends dish out any and every creative thing you could possibly imagine.. The core group of us, Me, Paul, Terry, and Scott have created literally thousands of works of art for your enjoyment, and ours... There have been dozens and dozens of people involved in all of this over the years, and to each and every one of you, all of you people who saw that this was much more than a hobby for us, every person who spent time filling out an order form, or sent me an e-mail or just asked what the next project was going to be, I want to thank you all. In honor of SC I want to post an article I wrote for the last ever issue of SC PROPAGANDA...

blaise kolodychuk

Well as I write this it is the end of the day on Aug. 27th 1999. It has been exactly 16 years since SC first found a name for the cult activities which we participate in. 16 years is a long fucking time to go basically no where. But still we pump out the good times that at most 50 or 60 people know about. Rather depressing … makes me almost want to give up. I haven't had an order since probably like January, and that was probably just more sympathy from our number one customer Al. Why is it no one has really taken an interest in us in 16 years? What the hell are we doing wrong? People used to love us… way back between 1993 and 1995. People really liked the stuff we were doing. We didn't make any money mind you.. but there is more to life than money. People came out week after week to see dads with no face in all their shining glory. (Plus I got to dress in women's clothes a lot more!) Sure we don't play live music as much.. but even when we do, it is a crazy chore just to get people to show up! Like they are doing US a favor or something. We are here for you, we thrive on giving you pleasure, and letting you join in on the emotion of what it is we do. However, 16 years is a long time.. in a few weeks I will be 24 years old. I have two kids, Terry has a child… (kinda..) And it is hard for us to party crazy like we could when we were young. But the music is still there, we both still have the passion, and if any of you actually decided to scrape the five bucks together and get one of our tapes, you would see that we still got it. I haven't received a single order for Leroy goes to hell… I think it is one of the best albums SC MUSIC has ever produced… and you have all missed out. My solo albums, the three fukachuk egg machines, every bit of who I am is in those, yet the only people who have them are my close friends whom I have forcibly pushed them upon. I am so incredibly proud of what I did on the new die spinne album, yet chances are you won't have the time to actually send me an order. It's fucking sad how me and Terry's dream 16 years ago is going to waste. Is five bucks too much? What I am saying is, we do it for you… not for the money. We do it because we love you all… We don't have lavish dreams of rock stardom or anything, we are simply artists who need to be seen and heard. SC is a religion, like any other. And we live by it, and we will die by it. There is nothing we can do to stop our selves from doing what we do… we would do it if there was no chance of any one EVER hearing it. But we would like you to. How many of you people who receive this letter have never even heard what we do? Well, most of it sounds like shit… but there is still the raw passion behind that steaming pile of feces. And I am confident enough to say every thing that has been done since 1997 DOES sound good. So please try us out… we are all that embody what is good about art and music. And happy 16 to my friend SC. For you have given me every dream I have.

I am happy to say we are a little more recognized now than we were 5 years ago... (50 or 60 has turned in to a few hundred that actively know about us) and at this point MOST of what we do doesn't sound like shit any more (we are actually really talented!) but it is all pretty much the same... and now a couple nostalgic photos for you all to reminisce about... happy birthday to us!

Scott backstage 1994
some of the audience at the SC 15th anniversary festival 1998

Terry hard at work on SC Propaganda 1998
Blaise at the EO reunion show 1994

Terry and Blaise as Cheenkaw and Beefart 1994
Blaise Terry and Paul in Blasterdbean's center for the performing arts 1993

Paul drinking away the pressures of fame  aprx.1994
Blaise and Scott playing as SMOTH 1998

Monday, 23 August 2004

Aug. 23 2004

To see tons of pictures from the new film as well as pictures from all the other fukachuk egg machine films CLICK ON THIS LINK or use the menu to the left and click on Fukachuk Egg Machine Films...





The newest film: "The Three Sticks" is available for download in full by going to the SC DOWNLOADS PAGE 2 !!! Check it out!

Wednesday, 18 August 2004

Aug. 18 2004

birds and stone along with Curious Logical Development Presents: 
P.I.P.E (Performance in Peculiar Environments) August 26-28, 2004 (Thursday – Saturday)  A site-specific performance festival
9:00pm@birds and stone (1703 1st NW - In the basement of the church...)
Tickets $5.00 at the door 
P.I.P.E. is a three-day, site-specific performance festival. Its mandate is to showcase the cutting-edge work of Calgary’s emerging arts community while encouraging a philosophy of creation that transcends traditional performance venues. P.I.P.E. promises to be a unique experience for audiences, providing a taste of Calgary’s vibrant performance underground.
As night falls on Calgary’s summer haze, 12 artists emerge from the shadows, spinning spectacles of beauty and awe. From a rusted garbage can, a blue-lit musician lays bare his soul. On crumbling stairs, a mummified body gasps, writhing desperately towards darkness. Across the street, a circus of bizarre events unfolds. The basketball court becomes a place of ritual, the open field a spectacle of fear.

At any rate, that is the press release.... What you need to know is that me and Amanda have been hard at work filming the fourth instalment of the fukachuk egg machine films, this one is called "the three sticks" and uses three of the songs from the new record... it will be about 22 minutes long... (much longer than the folks at PIPE wanted, but there is nothing I can really do unless I want to tarnish my vision.....) and you guessed it, i will be showing it at the above mentioned three day event.. so come one come all and experience the coolest film i have made in a long time... (by the way, this is the reason i haven't sent out the CDs yet to all the people who entered the contest... i have been crazy busy with this thing... soon though.. sorry...)

Saturday, 7 August 2004

Aug. 7 2004



Today is the day you have all been waiting for, the brand new fukachuk record "Boneless leg dog discovers the city" is now available!!!
you can get it at:

MEGATUNES (101-932 17th Ave SW)
B&D Emporium (829 17th Ave SW)
THE WITCHERY (1706 Centre St. NE)

or you can e-mail me at if you need one mailed out to you...
OR... you can drop by my place tonight for the CD release party and get one there, and get loaded and have fun and listen to it and oh my... the joy that will take place....

(update - to see pictures from the party click HERE)

Sunday, 1 August 2004

august 1 2004


as you can see there is a new monthly comic on the site, 'cindy mae's adventures of doom' the "what the bunny saw series has also started, and also by popular demand, I put the short film "The Head" up on the site. it is on the video files and more page 2, or just CLICK HERE to go there now... I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 28 July 2004

July 28 2004

Just thought I would put a strange bit of info up for you all... there is a review of the "near jennifer" movies up on the FILMSKI.NET website... to check it out, click HERE. The whole thing is in Croatian, so I am not sure if it is a good review or not...

Also, the short film we shot this summer, "One with the Fish" is available for download on the R4NT website, so you can go there and download away it's super high quality sweetness. Just click HERE to go there.

thisnothingAnd as you can all see from the cover page, the new fukachuk egg machine album, "boneless leg dog discovers the city" will be hitting stores come August 7th. You can pre order a copy now by E-MAILING ME. I will charge you $5... just because it costs money to make this stuff and send it out... I will update you soon on what retail stores around Calgary will be carrying the new record.. you are gonna want to get a copy, it is simply amazing, if I do say so myself. And to wet your appetite a little, I have a new song from the album available for download right now on the fukachuk egg machine soundclick page. So you should probably go there and download this thing, It is called "This Nothing" and is eight and a half minutes of the most amazing shit you will ever hear. There will potentially be a CD release party at my place on August 7th, so you will be able to get a copy there if you want to... Please e-mail me if this sounds like something you would want to attend. To check out the track listing and lyrics for the new record you can go to the fukachuk egg machine page on this website...

Tuesday, 13 July 2004

July 13 2004

Fukachukdraw021Well the time has come and gone for the big draw for the amazing fukachuk egg machine MP3 compilation and book!!! So what I did was blindfold Amanda (as a unbiased participant) and threw all the names in a small bucket, she one by one picked out five, and the results are below!! If you see your name, then get prepared to receive the grooviest prize any man has ever known!! But if you weren't picked, don't feel bad. I was so impressed with the vast amount of entries that you all made me want to make you all winners. So here is plan B of me being the most awesome musician you have ever known, and perhaps the sweetest and kindest man who ever walked the face of the earth... In the next few weeks the brand new fukachuk egg machine album , boneless leg dog discovers the city, will be released, and i am pretty darned proud of it, i think it may be my greatest achievement yet... so here goes, every single person who entered the draw will be receiving a free copy of the new record... every one of you... and there were a LOT of people who entered. So there you have it. I hope you will all enjoy what's coming to you, I will be e-mailing people soon who's mailing addresses I need...



Tuesday, 6 July 2004

July 6 2004


ON JULY 13th 2004- The ultimate fukachuk compilation will be released!!!!
It includes: 
A 2 disc MP3 compilation including 147 fukachuk songs! That's just about everything ever done....
that is all the music from all 10 albums, plus 21 rare and unreleased tracks!
they are in super high quality 192 kbp/s MP3 format!
but that's not all... oh no.... 
It also includes "Road to the Tree of Reason" an 86 page book that includes all the lyrics from all the albums, plus a bunch of great pictures and the history behind fukachuk egg machine!! HOLY COW! DID I ACTUALLY MAKE ALL THIS STUFF?!?!?! yes, yes I did.
If you wanna buy it, it will only cost you $15.00... trust me that is an amazing price considering what i have to go through to make these, but this is SC Entertainment, so I assure you I will not make any profit!

And would you like to know the best part? I am going to give away 5 copies of this amazing set FREE!!! That's right, just send an e-mail to me at and give me your name and mailing address, and on July 13th I will draw 5 names to become to the recipients of my lifetime of work! Could I be any more amazing? no, no I couldn't.

This is like almost 13 hours of music, this is literally 1000s of hours work on my part... don't miss this chance to find out what all the fuss is about!

Friday, 2 July 2004

July 2 2004


Please CLICK HERE to see the Chelsea memorial page. We will all miss her dearly. All our thoughts go out to Paul and his family during this tragedy.

Monday, 14 June 2004

June 14, 2004

feedme[1]Okay, get prepared for some amazing fukachuk action to be coming your way super soon... and I'm not talking about the groovy new record that I have been recording for the last few months... that's right something else, and sooner! But more about that later. Right now you have to head over to the fukachuk egg machine MP3 download page (Use the swank new menu bar to the left) And download yourself a copy of the brand new song "FEED ME" not only does it rule the entire universe, but it will make you breakfast in the morning... But wait! Don't stop there! I know you all downloaded the last song "Flying" but guess what sucker, you better download it again! I have a new mix of the song there now, and well... it's just better than the old one (And remember how good the old one was??) Keep coming back to this page for more details!

On Paul Whittington's Web Site check out the new stodl8p motion film "Table Kid Kirby" It is totally cool. It is the first in what will be a series of shorts staring the amazing Kirby. So download away by clicking HERE, or visit Paul's site by clicking THIS SPOT HERE...

Saturday, 8 May 2004

May 8 2004


Check out the fukachuk egg machine MP3 downloads. The new single Flying is now available! It is the first new song for an upcoming new fukachuk egg machine album, I hope you all enjoy it!

Friday, 30 April 2004

April 30 2004

The new full short film ONE WITH THE FISH is now available in VIDEO FILES & MORE 2. So go download away, it is super cool. Starring Amanda Kolodychuk, Terry Ramsay, Blaise Kolodychuk and Gord McDowell.. written by Blaise and Gord. But be warned there is very strong language.! YIKES!