Sunday 12 October 2003

October 12 2003


There is a date set for the release of the new fukachuk egg machine album "the town fair" I have been working on this record a long time, and i hope you all get a chance to hear it. I think it's like nothing I have ever done... more news on that when it comes.

WHAT THE BUNNY SAW - TALES OF MAYHEM AND MADNESS is out tomorrow! yes, all the hard work has finally come to an end and it's all done, to get a copy of the DVD please send me an e-mail, and I will tell you how you can get a copy... it will cost $8.00, just cuz DVDs are still kind of expensive.. but it is well worth it, trust me.


also now available are Paul Whittington's masterpiece "Spare Parts" No words can describe how good this film is... e-mail paul for more info on how to own this DVD. And The 10th anniversary special edition of Bo-Bo 3 on DVD.

You can view trailers for all these films on the downloads page.

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