Sunday, 14 September 2003

September 14 2003

You may or may not be on the SC mailing list... if you aren't you should e-mail me with your address... at any rate i sent out an e-newsletter a couple days ago, telling everyone about the new address, and making them go to the new downloads page... then i realized it didn't work... so i fixed it and sent out another letter telling them to go back... it worked, but it was still slightly weird... and not very convenient... today it is near perfect after some more tinkering with it... the thing is, i need to use my old web site for the downloads... cuz i have a file size limit with the new site... but the old site won't let me link files from the new site... so well, i'm sure you don't care... and it is all very confusing and weird... but i am managing... but it should be groovtasic now... so download away... thank you, and i am sorry for all the trouble.

Monday, 8 September 2003

September 8 2003

SC has officially turned 20... but did you know that one of the greatest films ever made had turned 10? Bo-Bo 3... in celebration of this, there is a trailer for this classic SC Film up on the brand new SC Downloads page! (Find it to your Left or on the right where the music downloads used to be...) you can find all sorts of cool things there. There is also the new FUKACHUK EGG MACHINE single "Suicide Cult" available there now too! In the next week or two the DVD of Bo-Bo 3 will be available as well... with groovy extras, and a new, hopefully, nicer edit of that film... 
soon to come, the special edition of Cindy Mae and the Collar of Doom... but that will be an undertaking from hell... so don't expect it too soon... I'm a busy college boy now.