Wednesday, 26 March 2003

March 26 2003

There will be no dramatic changes to the site just yet... as i just do not have the capabilities... well i probably COULD get a few things done, but I am just too busy, and lazy all at the same time... so I will just do this little news section for now... BUT you can expect unbelievable and amazing things to take place within the next month... just not the next couple of weeks.. you dig? 
-I have finished the script for "One Hundred Years" And that will be the next film to be shot... I just need to catch up on the rest of my life first before i can start shooting a new film... but soon.... 
-I am still working out the plan for the upcoming SC Shorts compilation... we will have amazing new technology soon, and i am waiting for that, so I can give you all something to knock your socks off... It will be called "What The Bunny Saw" and will contain a sub  plot involving a bunny girl, who was hand crafted by Elaine Boyling... I am hoping to start on some fandango animation in the next couple of weeks.... just wait, you will cry. 
-Music wise.... nothing from me right now... But I will talk to Terry Ramsay soon to see what's going down with Leroy Dyes... 
More soon. 

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