Monday, 17 February 2003

Feb. 17 2003

My computer is totally screwed up, and will barely work, so there will probably be no updates for a long time, i am so sorry... send me a new computer... anyone... please... 
Also it is Terry's birthday on the 21st.... send him stuff.... goodbye... for now, 
love Blaise Kolodychuk.

Monday, 10 February 2003

Feb.10 2003


Feb.10 2003 
I have started building props for the new film "36 Blocks of Hair" or it may be called "Support Group" or it may be called something else... but anyway, things are starting to happen... also there are talks of another EO reunion album, similar to the smash 1997 hit album freelance photographer, it is expected to be recorded soon, when we are drunk, in one night, with low production expectations... you wait and see how cool it will be!

Tuesday, 4 February 2003

Feb. 4 2003


Feb. 4 2003 
If you look over to the left of the screen, you will notice that there is a new section devoted to the films of Paul Whittington... I will be working on this section on going, so keep coming back to see what new films there is to check out!