Friday 24 January 2003

January 24 2003

January 24 2003 
Well I have compiled a list of  songs that will be going on to the compilation, feel free to e-mail me suggestions as well... here it is in no particular order:
Burlap Sack (Gorgo X 2) Cat (Fukachuk Pandora Machine) Cosmolatry (Fukachuk Pandora Machine) Forever Twelve AM (Leroy Dyes) Goodbye Horses (Gorgo X 2) Weekend Blues (Leroy Dyes) my name is cock (Dads With No Face) joy joy for clemintine (Fukachuk Egg Machine) fluffy (Dads With No Face) leather boy (Dads With No Face) n u l (Dads With No Face) wolf man (die spinne) bag (Dads With No Face) a drunk is a drunk (die spinne) bal hari (Gorgo X 2) been told (fukachuk egg machine) chicken joe eats pies (die spinne) cutting down trees (fukachuk egg machine) Don't Feed Me Cheese (die spinne)  no arms no legs (die spinne) zombie attack (die spinne) Drywall Respect (EO) Eating Breakfast On A Train (fukachuk egg machine) Eggs For Sale (fukachuk egg machine) gazelle-man (fukachuk egg machine) go away an die (Dads With No Face) Hey There (fukachuk egg machine) i'm mean (Gorgo X 2) I got someone to love (fukachuk egg machine) I'm in love with hamburgers and diet coke (fukachuk egg machine) jenny was (fukachuk egg machine) joey and his bike (EO) kill your dog (EO) mother goose eats dinner at cinthea's house (EO) No Pants (EO) qwow (die spinne) satan and pazuzu (EO) simple mind (Dads With No Face) Squid From Hell (fukachuk egg machine) suicidal religious dogs from hell (EO) swimming in soup (SMOTH) tonya such (The Paul Whittington Experience) Under Arches (fukachuk egg machine) 

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