Friday 29 November 2002

November 29 2002

Cindy Mae is done! Cindy Mae is done!... well mostly, all the editing is finished, and all that's left is for me to do the packaging and figure out a way to make good dubs of it...
Cindy Mae running time: 1 hr, 38 minutes.
The Cindy Mae experience, including Planet of the Cats, and everything is 1 hr, 46 minutes... 
"A Breakthrough in Cinematic Sci-fi, adventure, horror!"

r6_blaiseThere is a supplemental interview with SC Entertainment available for download on the REwind Video Magazine Web Site, you should all go do so now... I say supplemental because at the end of the month we will be featured in the REwind Video Magazine Tape 6... That will also be available for purchase from thier web site... go check it out! Also, Cindy Mae is finally being edited, and it is turning out great... I haven't slept much, and my set up is pretty bad, and i don't have a chair, so my legs are pretty sore from sitting cross legged in from of the VCRs... but it is the most fun I have ever had... stay posted for updates! 

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