Tuesday, 22 October 2002

October 22 2002


There is new screen shots from Cindy Mae and the Collar of Doom... also, I have now seen Living by the Book, and well... Paul is amazing, and he has out done him self on so many levels... Cindy Mae is going to start editing this week or next.


Sunday, 13 October 2002

October 13 2002

Our Master Film Maker Paul Whittington is having his new short film "Living By The Book" Shown at the "Infest Short Film and Awards Festival" in Nanaimo, BC Canada... for more info, or to get tickets click HERE!


Tuesday, 8 October 2002

October 8 2002

diespinnevideocover[1]I have posted a CATALOG of everything SC has ever done, I may have forgot a few things, and if I remember, I will update later... go check it out... right now.

Also the new Music Documentary Film "die spinne" is finnished! It includes 6 live songs from 2 different concerts, as well as lots of behind the scenes footage... like Jessica punching Ryan in the face for instance... you can pick it up in the SC STORE.

Saturday, 5 October 2002

October 5 2002

The Trailer for Cindy Mae and the Collar of Doom is available at the Independant Movie Web Site of REWIND VIDEO MAGAZINE you should check it out...

Thursday, 3 October 2002

October 3 2002

As you can see we have a new look at the SC Entertainment web site... I hope you all like it. Cindy Mae and the Collar of Doom is currentlt in production, to find out more visit the CINDY MAE page. Also the new fukachuk egg machine record "a day on marble street" has been released. To find out more on that project click HERE. I hope to be updating this site ongoing... so come back lots!