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Fukachuk Egg Machine

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Rats And Perinium (1998)

This record was recorded in 1998 and includes songs written from 1991 up to that point. It is about a need to escape and be a part of the city, and a longing for the past.

Low Fidelity Sell Out (1998)

LFSO was recorded near the end of 1998 in the three month period when the first three fukachuk egg machine albums were all made. it is mainly about the search for the lizard girl and every bit of madness and guilt that goes with that. some of the songs are from several years before the album was made.

Lost Lizard Girl (1998)

lost lizard girl is about the end of hope.

Giant Killer Robots (1999)

This is a record about giant killer robots that take over the entire world and destroy nearly everything that man has ever made. recorded in 1999 this is the first record after i had left the psychedelic laundry room.. almost all of this is instrumental.

Popsicle Sticks and Tape (1999)

An album about renewal and the need to change. 1999 I had moved into the basement where many things would happen... this is just how it began.. a little bumpy. this is the first record that was put on to a compact disc.

Three Sticks (2000)

this is still perhaps my favourite fukachuk egg machine record. this record is where everything fukachuk is today started. it is about truth and hate and sadness and everything the three sticks are. recorded in 2000.

Trip Music (2000)

trip music is about getting as far away from the three sticks as possible.. a journey further past them and closer to the tree. recorded in 2000. this album was an experiment with different kinds of sounds, some i kept, and some i left behind on this record.

The Box (2001)

originally the box was supposed to be a 2 disc set, and some copies were made and distributed that way, but most of it was just filler, and i cut it down to these songs, which are very nice i think. the box was made in 2001 and is a about being trapped in certain decisions.

A Day On Marble Street (2002)

this is the first of the three records about the city.. specifically in this one, marble street, and what happened there one day. recorded in 2002.

The Town Fair (2003)

the town fair isn't a fun place to be.. and really, you should probably just hide when the fair comes around.. nothing good can come of any of it. anything horrible that you can think of happens on this record. recorded during a time when the fair came to my town, in 2003.

Boneless leg dog discovers the city (2004)

the boneless leg dog leaves the room and goes to the city, he gets told a great many things, and life doesn't seem so clear any more.. or perhaps it is more clear than he ever thought it was. recorded by me and the frogman in my head in 2004.

Blaise Kolodychuk (2004)

i couldn't be fukachuk egg machine for a little while and made this record at the end of 2004. most of it would probably mean nothing to you unless you live inside my mouth, in which case it would mean an awful lot..

Beautiful Robot (2005)

this record lives in the mind when the mind lives in gilbert town.. if gilbert town even really existed.. recorded in 2004 and 2005 a state of mass confusion and an unwillingness to see something that happens outside of your dreams. the robot is in fact very beautiful indeed.

A Package Full Of Something (2005)

this album contains that song. This record takes place in Gilbert Town, and in the City as well. The song is about forty minutes long and is in five parts. Part one is the rage and madness that sends him to the ocean. Part two is the search for truth in the water. Part three is the journey by train to the city and the emptiness of that horrible place. And Part Four is the story of the girl in the high school, and how she is overcome with a need and a feeling to have some change. The boy comes but he is too late, and the cats who live in the tree of reason stop the girl as she is about to make a very grave mistake. Part Five is a look back on the day's events, and a realization that it was all useless. recorded in 2005.

A Secret Underground Journey By Boat (2005)

the journey starts with the beginnings of the lost lizard girl, and follow the path towards gilbert town. It talks of an amazing prize, and the reasons why and why not the journey should be made. What the journey has done to Mary and the fate of Jenny. We will visit the diabolical sanitarium where dr. hedges brings new things to life, and visit various people who could teach a great many things if only we would listen. Locked up in a box in the basement taking a journey in your mind.

The Factory In The City (2006 CD and DVD)

The factory in the city is an experiment in performance, recorded live february 26th 2006. The album also comes with a dvd of the live performance. The factory is in the city, and isn't necessarily a place you can walk in to.. it is the daily motions of the people who live in the city and the stories of how they live their lives.. the things they do, and the things that get done to them. various searches for the tree, and various attempts to destroy it.. the lizard girl shows up to take care of the flora, and it is all a return to the beginning of fukachuk egg machine. coming full circle and back in time. each person is important, and each will be forgotten.

Wooden Implant (2006)

Wooden Implant is a secret record that lived far too long in my head.. recorded while hidden under blankets and whispers in the middle of the night, trying so hard to keep everyone and everything away from it... it is about compilations and time travel and disappointment.. this record leapt out of my head and didn't give the chance to stop it. It may have saved my life.

underground and falling down (2006)

The first of the 3 "best of" compilations, this one showcasing the music from 1998 - 2000. These were the early years in the laundry room, and in the underground room.

confined to these streets (2006)

This compilation includes music from fukachuk egg machine at a time when there wasn’t
a lot to hold on to any more, and living in the city was a task full of double standards.
2001 - 2004

over the hill and past the ocean (2006)

This compilation includes music from fukachuk egg machine when you are trying to run
away from everything, and all of a sudden the tree may not be the most important thing,
even when it is. 2005 - 2006

biting onions: unreleased material from 1998 - 1999

fresh water fish man: unreleased material from 2000 - 2003

partridge mary rosencamp: unreleased material from 2004

severance: unreleased material from 2005 - 2006

small things (2007)

This record has come about over many months of writing and recording while a great many things were happening. It’s about those things that escape most people when they get too old, and quite honestly I don’t know why they become so unimportant. The things that are close to the ground.. it’s metaphorical, but it is physical in a very real way as well. It’s the reason why paying the rent becomes more important that finding a piece of broken off wood out in the trees…. Why did drawing lines in the dirt become something you don’t do any more?
I am not convinced it has anything to do with the separation of children and adulthood, as much as it is some sort of social reprogramming that takes place every where all the time.. It is a rebellion against everything that we are supposed to think is important about life… and a question about why the world got this way. And it truly IS this way, and there is very little anyone can do but question it. I am not an idiot, and I know paying the rent is important… but I am more concerned with the way people live their lives to pay for the basic essentials. It doesn’t seem right, especially when there are things so much more important.. things like a secret rock in your pocket, and a hidden note in the rip in your pillow. It is all these small things that will in the end, I believe, keep humanity alive.. not something like money. Perhaps I am just an old school communist, but it’s good because you get free music from me, and as much else as I can possibly give without starving to death. Keep these thoughts in mind as you listen to my new record… Don’t get me wrong.. it all still takes place in the fukachuk world.. with Jenny and the lizards and the sticks and the tree of reason.. but it is a much closer look to the dust on the ground and the cold cement floors in the basements.

hello tree (2008)
hello tree is a record that was made at a very specific time about some very specific events in a very specific place that was here and there and mostly just everywhere. the songs were written in a book while things were happening, and to be honest, they are all about mostly real events, whether i believe that or not. on the record the songs are in order of how i wrote them and might tell the story that they are supposed to tell, but mostly they just tell of things. the album was going to be one song originally. similar to a package full of something, and thats how it started out. it ended with a lot of different songs, but in more ways than two it is still only just that one song, the song hello tree... it just sounds different sometimes and there are words that rhyme in different places here and there. hello tree is the second record in the third half of what fukachuk egg machine has become... and it's becoming a lot more real than it should.. or maybe it just hasn't become real at all... it's a little fleshing out of things in your head...


Telling Some Stories (2008)


a bear inside a box (2008)
a bear inside a box is the third in the series of fukachuk records that live far too close to home.. and it is sort of a culmination of a realization that there isn't as much separation between the city and the sticks and the lizard girl and the tree of reason with the things that are smaller and closer to the ground and the things that sting you and feel good and the things that give you snakes in your stomach sometimes. the bear was put into the box by everyone. but mostly the bear was put in to the box by the bear... it was only trying to save the small things from exploding...

a bear inside a box is about being scared of things... standing up to things.. and mostly just being. and it's about magic in a lot of ways that feel like wool on your arms in the winter.

filled with animals (2008)

this is a record about being filled with animals. it lives in the city.

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