Saturday, 28 October 2000



Toc Choi lives in an abandon hospital.
Toc Choi has a serious communicable disease.
Toc Choi has severe facial deformities acquired by years of abuse from it’s parents.
Toc Choi was raised by radioactive baboons.
Toc Choi doesn’t use effects on it’s voice.
Toc Choi chooses to use wood instead of bone to support it’s body.
Toc Choi works very hard on it’s hair every morning.
Toc Choi breathes fire.
Toc Choi has bags of salt where it should have a stomach.
I’m not sure, but I think Toc Choi drinks human blood.
Toc Choi likes dr.pepper and salty snacks.

secret marks hidden in the shape of your teeth spelling the answer. rearranged into three forms, the past, now, the future, all the answers, time and space opening up and showing the cogs, you see everything in your own reflection, and then that is toc choi.

you know when you close your eyes and you can see circles of light when you look through your eyelashes and sometimes the spectrum or one colour, toc choi is sort of like that. or when you can see the reflection of your eye in your glasses and it looks like a blackhole, but really wet and strange, with layers of other things on top of it



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1. sticky basement (0:49)
2. roof top sleeper (2:34)
3. pudding (1:56)
4. wooden beam (3:55)
5. toc toc toc (2:32)
6. spine eater (3:56)
7. bombs away (2:45)
8. tectonic plates (2:46)
9. nail (5:45)
10. tippy toes (the popcorn song) (3:07)
11. shut in (3:20)
12. circles and barf (1:03)
13. cough drop box (3:12)
14. ventilator (3:53)
15. line waiting (4:15)
16. sports day (5:20)

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1. toc choi - doctor box part one (2:26)
2. toc choi - doctor box part two (3:55)
3. toc choi - sack of meat (3:31)
4. toc choi - tin frog (3:24)
5. toc choi - leg accessories (4:05)
6. toc choi - cakes (2:39)
7. toc choi - secret book (2:28)
8. toc choi - pancreas (3:38)
9. toc choi - hungeons (2:29)
10. toc choi - mud cakes (2:34)
11. toc choi - plates (5:18)
12. toc choi - crustaceans part one (2:46)
13. toc choi - crustaceans part two (6:26)

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