Friday, 31 December 1999

JANUARY 9 2001

And so the year is new, and so am I. And there is people I could thank, and people I could blame, and people who just don't care... and people who care too much. But not tonight.
Needless to say, the most important, and exciting part of, lets say, a court room drama for example, is when the jury comes out and says, guilty, or not guilty. If you take that bit of film and just watched it, it would be perhaps the most boring thing you have ever seen. misleading, and in a way, even cruel. It is everything that has lead up to that moment that makes is so important.... no one should ever think there isn't at very least an hour and a half of things out there that lead to any decision.
And the moon is full and bright...
The last year was a year to remember. And I am glad is has finally come to a close... and don't think I am ungrateful of it all, but there is always two views to the same verdict... even if they are in one head.
Soca music for a dead soul.
Good night.

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