Friday, 4 December 1998


I have not written much lately... sorry kids.. been hard at work on my new cd... wish I could share some with you... but the fucking idiots at XOOM shut me down... you may have noticed that the 'listen to my music' section is not working... well they shut me down, thinking I was violating copy rights... by distributing MP3s, and haveing Real-audio, The earased all my shit... fucking fools never thought to see if I OWN the fucking copy rights to the stuff I was distributing.... AAHHGGHH! Foolishness. Oh well, I guess you will all just have to buy my new cd when it comes out... sorry to have to make you spend money... didn't want to... but I have to... you know how it is folks. So in conclution, I am a musical genius with an ego problem, XOOM is run by half ape-half squid type creatures, I hate teenagers, and my son has magick inside of him, so he no longer needs to sleep with a stuffed animal. (Or thats what HE told me any how) oh yeah... some punk rocker down town wanted me to get him a baloon from a children's clothing shop.... I had to decline. Sorry brotha.. where ever you are...

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