Wednesday, 4 November 1998


I just wanted to say that I went out and finally got the "From here to eternity" Clash album... I want every one to go out and buy this right now. It has brightenend up my day considerably. It totaly kicks ass, I am almost tempted to say it is the best clash album ever... I suppose I can't though.. would a live album count? I don't know. I think the best die spinne album is "suicide", and that's live... so maybe it is.. oh well.. go buy it, you won't be disappointed. One more thing before I leave. I have worked in the magazine selling business for a few years and have made this observation... Old business men buy lots, and lots, and lots of porn. They are all married too.. I check for a ring. It wouldn't be as bad, but they always buy the Barely 18, or Baby face, or live young girls stuff... I bet these perverts have teenage daugters at home. It's fucking gross, it's scary. Like I want to hurt them. It's evil. Yet another reason to hate business men... if it's in a suit, don't trust it.

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