Thursday, 5 November 1998


Three days in a row I have been possesed to add to this section... don't worry, I will get bored with it soon, and move onto other more wonderful things... My bitch for the day: Hmmmmmm.... lemme see.. I'm not in the best mood. But I'm listening to blondie, so all will be well soon. Hearing about aliens eating cars is a good way of relaxing one's soul. It's like getting a fortune cookie, but not getting a fortune in it.. you know what I mean? It's like your destiny has been totaly ripped off from that moment on. I was reading about some band today, some chick-punk-goth band sort of deal... these girls were like 15 years old.. playing there own shit, I forget the name of the band right now, but that's not the point. The point is, I have been makeing music for fucking years, and where am I? I sure as hell ain't plastered accross the pages of spin magazine... why the hell do some people get all these fucking breaks, but a poor kid like me, who if given some good equiptment, could out rock just about anything that walked... I'm not 'just' being egotistical, it's the fucking truth. I got alot of fucking songs, and the raw energy needed to become the worlds foremost rock n' roll god. But let just see if it happens... ok, I do have extreme lazyness going against me... but I shouldn't have to go out and prove myself, people should be out there looking for me. Anything else exciting in the news today?? lets see.. oh BECK... look at this guy, he's a fucking goddamn genious. I fuckin' love him. This kid knows what I'm talking about. I'm sure he has worked a lot harder than me, but fuckit, I still rule too you know. That's todays bitch. Thank you very much.

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