Wednesday, 18 November 1998

NOVEMBER 18 1999

As it seems I have lost my mind, and got my hair cut. Crys dragged me kicking and screaming in to a barber shop yesterday.... the result? Most of my head is shaved, with a big tuff of hair sticking out of the top. It looks a lot cooler than it sounds, don't worry kids. I still rule the universe. Lets get to the shocking part of the story shall we? Upon examinatin of my head, (parts of my head I have never seen) we discovered a strange scar. In the shape of a perfect V. I have never had an injury there, so I asked my mother if perhaps I had had one as a baby... allas, no injury ever happened. Interestingly this is the part of my head where I get constent pain and strange tingleing. This leads me to only one conclution... I have be abducted by aliens. I truely believe this. To see a picture of this crazy scar on my head clickhere. (yes, I stuck my head on the scanner.... yes, I am strange.)

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