Tuesday 14 September 1999


It looks as though I have been away for sometime... well, as you may know, for the last few months I have been working on another record, I guess in the last month I have transformed myself in to obsessive mode, it seems that all I do is make music these days... re-writing lyrics, re-mixing, adding to, cutting, creating, and then re-doing it all again... I have about 12 tracks that I am pretty pleased with right now, a few tracks that I need to improve, and I will probably totally change my mind about what I'm happy with today, tomorrow... on going would be the word to use. But it's all worth it, and I can assure you that when I finally do finish, it will be perfect. The new stuff I have been doing is basically amazing, and like nothing I have ever done before. I have stopped posting music on MP3.com, cuz i never know what's finished any more, and I wanna see the faces of people when I finally reveal it to them some day in the future... just be warned, i am gonna change your lives...
Most distressing is the fact that I have three days off for my birthday, but it seems i have no plans. we were gonna play a show, but terry said he might have to work, and scott wants to spend the weekend with his girl friend, as it is her birthday as well... so i may just be stuck here by my self... crying in to a bucket of eggs and head lice, while the moon eclipses in to a burning red darkness... well, such is the way of my lonely old maid inspired life.... lets hope i write again soon. ciao.