Tuesday, 10 August 1999

AUGUST 10 2000

Ahhhh... so you all thought I was back... but I fooled the lot of you. As you can all see I have been busy making sweet music with my new found partner Elaine from Britain.  Other than that I have been doing what I tend to do.. which isn't very exciting. but such is the way of my life. What I would like to know is why the kids these days don't appreciate good hippy music.... like what is up? I don't think teenagers go any further than the 1990s to find music any more, it is to distressing... of course I am generalizing again, but I think I have a point in there somewhere... well I am tiered, and I have to pick up the children of the future soon. I will do everything in my power to subject my children to all the good things in life... I remember when I was in high school, any one who was remotely cool was a die-hard jane's addiction fan.... I wonder if kids these days even know who Jane's addiction is? And would it still make them cool? Perhaps I am just jaded and old.... I am going to be 25 next month, an event I am not looking forward to... like that is fucking old, man. I will join the quarter century club... perhaps that's what 'no quarter' is really about... But led zeppelin worshipped the devil, so who knows. I should go, before I say anything more.

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