Tuesday, 13 July 1999

JULY 13 2000

So I am back.. back with a vengeance... So what did I do in my poof-like absence? Not really a hell of a lot to tell you the truth... yet at the same time i did giant amounts... I'm sure you know what I am talkig about.. been making music mostly.. no new albums any time soon.. so don't worry about that... I have made enough music since three sticks to make a whole new record.. but I am not gonna.. I am gonna pick out the absolute best of what I do, and then probably post it on MP3.com for all of you to listen to.. My eyes don't work any more.. every thing just keeps getting fuzzier and fuzzier... i wish I knew why. I should probably give my wishes to Traci on her birthday, which was a couple days ago... so i will. I think I am ready to start up another underground rock and roll revolution very soon... just like the old days.. back in 1994... yeah.. we were making a difference in the world back then... i think it's about time... for sure. First thing I need to do is get my band back together... then we shall conquer the universe... But before all that, I think I need a hair cut... it's looking pretty weird up there right now.. I want to grow it long again, but at what cost?? can you tell me that??? Am I doomed to look like a geek until mr.hair decides it is time to be long enough again??? life is too hard. We made the third in the zipper within film series. It is called "The Art Of Dutches" and kicks the hell out of anything at the movie theater this summer... soon to be edited, and finished.. I will keep you all posted. I am continuing with the script to 36 Blocks Of Hair... as you may or may not have known, the script on my web site here, is just a partial script.. that's right kids, its gonna be a longer film... but I wouldn't go so far as to say feature length... but it shall kick ass none the less. Traci is slated to star as Sindy.. and if she's not available, then it will be me... but the rate at which this damn hair grows upon my lip does worry me so... I would have to be shaving between every damn shot. life is hell.

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