Thursday, 1 July 1999

JULY 1 2000

Happy Canada day to all... especially those poor bastards in the united states... how I pity thee. It has been some time since I wrote in this propaganda leaden mess, so I shall do so right now. I have a blister on my big toe, cuz i walked and walked and walked all day, trying to find a place to cash my pay cheque... i finally went to Money mart.. only three bucks on a hun, and its soupy-lay. I have been having what we like to refer to as no life. So there have been little stories to tell here. The kids are fine, in case you wondered... their house burnt down a couple weeks ago, but they seem to be doing better now. As you can all see, I am still making music... I wish some of you people out there would buy my new album.. it really does kick ass, and it's available for sale off the internet now, Three Sticks is the name, and it's only $5.99, if you pay with your credit card.... Just click the wee picture of me --> while you are at it, I also have t-shirts and coffee mugs available for sale too... I think I may have gone too far, but perhaps not..?? As far as my attitude goes, I think it is exactly the same as it's been for the last four months or so.... but I am trying to be more cheerful these days... perhaps I am fooling myself... ahh well, it's all for the best. I was talking to my dear friend Julie yesterday, and we realized that our 10 year high school reunion will be coming up in 3 more years... only three years to become productive members of society... not much time.. not much at all... I have to become a rock star like right quick here... any suggestions? We also realized that it has been 10 years since that oh so meaningful turning point in our lives when we went to go see Depeche Mode... my god, ten years.. I am so freaking old it makes me wanna shit. And all I do is work at a magazine store?? Something is wrong here. I also realize I have been single for exactly half a year... where are all the chicks? Am I even looking? What's going on here? Ahhh well, such is the way the spindle rotates I suppose.

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