Thursday 10 June 1999

JUNE 10 2000

I just wanted to say that my best friend Terry, the genius behind the smash hit song 'Wolf Man' Has hung out with the Wolf Boys... You know the ones, the circus kids, who happen to be werewolves... yeah, and he hung with them... only Terry could achieve this...

Tuesday 8 June 1999

JUNE 8 2000

First thing on the agenda... obviously the new album is done. So take in your bottles, sell your sister, or rob the Alpine Steak and Lounge. But you best be getting it. And yes, it nearly killed me making this one, So at very least, out of respect for my life, find a way kids. It has come to my attention as well that my entries in this section seem to be rather dreary, to say the least. And after reading over my writings that last couple months, I am surprised that no one has call a counselor for me. This has to stop, before something terrible happens, and yes, my head hurts more than it has done in months tonight, and yes, I am not entirely thrilled with the out come of certain situations. But instead of using the patented Blaise method of self destruction, and self hate. I believe it is time to get happy instead. So here I am, I am gonna be a joyful mother fucker. It won't be easy, and I may require the help of 10 or 15 cute girls... but 'tis the way of things I guess. Other wise, lets face it, I'm a board head. I don't think I need to wander the street aimlessly, I don't need to live a meaningless life full of artificial substitutes for happiness, I do not need to crash down in to my pit, my pit there on the ground... In short, no. I am no Board Head. I may be migraine head... but that's a different story. Anyway, in conclusion, if any one out there knows how to have a good time, please contact me and we shall hang, and you all must get a hold of my new album, cuz it drained every last bit of my soul out of me to make, and my friend Traci gave me some pictures that she has taken of various shows and what not, so with out further ado, here is a couple shots of the last time I played, at The New Gallery, with Scott... Ciao to all, and happy birthday to Anita.

By the way everyone should go here and listen to these guys, they are some kind of geniuses...