Wednesday, 19 May 1999

MAY 19 2000

I just thought I would let you all know that I may be neglecting my web site for a while, I have started work on my new album. Which means I will be doing nothing but sitting here in my tiny room, consuming nothing but cigarettes and coffee, and if Im lucky, beer. Staying up till 6:00 every morning for probably the next two months. Which reminds me, if anyone has a spare hard drive they want to give me, it would be appreciated. I have finished one song so far, and it is most impressive if I do say so myself, but considering my mood lately, it just may turn out to be one of those albums you slit your wrists to... oh well. But I still like to get e-mail, so write me everybody.. If I make anything available to listen to on the web, I will let you all know. Thank you all for supporting my web site, ciao.

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