Wednesday, 26 May 1999

MAY 26 2000

All I can say is life has gotten worse. So there.
To hear a track from the upcoming FUKACHUK EGG MACHINE album, click on the little picture of me at the bottom of the screen,
You can figure it out from there.

Wednesday, 19 May 1999

MAY 19 2000

I just thought I would let you all know that I may be neglecting my web site for a while, I have started work on my new album. Which means I will be doing nothing but sitting here in my tiny room, consuming nothing but cigarettes and coffee, and if Im lucky, beer. Staying up till 6:00 every morning for probably the next two months. Which reminds me, if anyone has a spare hard drive they want to give me, it would be appreciated. I have finished one song so far, and it is most impressive if I do say so myself, but considering my mood lately, it just may turn out to be one of those albums you slit your wrists to... oh well. But I still like to get e-mail, so write me everybody.. If I make anything available to listen to on the web, I will let you all know. Thank you all for supporting my web site, ciao.

Friday, 14 May 1999

MAY 14 2000

The song of my year is 'from the edge of the deep green sea', just in case you wondered.

Tuesday, 11 May 1999

MAY 11 2000

Some one has been visiting my web site like 3 or 4 times a day for like a couple weeks... and I have no idea who it is... am I really that exciting?? Anyway, who ever you are let me know! It's driving me mad!! I have guest books for just such things... Thank you for your time.

Monday, 10 May 1999

MAY 10 2000

I wandered the streets last night until the wee hours. It is interesting the way downtown dies such a fast death at night here in Calgary, granted it was monday. But the only folks out seemed to be the sad City workers, sweeping the streets, and putting up signs telling people where they can, and can not drive. And the homeless, asking for your change, when I knew very well, they probably had more change to spare than me. Needless to say, I ended up in a bar listening to reggae music, with my friend. It is here that I will thank Mr.Bartender-man for the free beer. The city seems so sad at that hour of night... Half finished buildings, and quiet streets. I awoke this morning in a home that wasn't mine. That has only happened to me one other time in the past year... too strange. I realized I like beds. And I need to get out more.
And that was as they say, his final entry. Good night.

Saturday, 1 May 1999

MAY 1 2000

As I sit here covered in brothel light, surrounded by the smell of various inscents, wearing the boots my sister bought for me a few years back, Listening to some song on repeat, wishing my back would stop hurting, my head would stop pounding, and for my soul to become a happy one. I think. I think about Lizards, and Trees, and just why the sticks are always in threes. Not able to concentrate on any tasks at hand, not able to control my self in really any way that seems right. Not able to stop thinking about the things that no one knows but me. Sock over my eyes, and free to do what I can. With out the burdens of my future, and with out the accomplishments of my past. There was a story I once wrote, it all started with a boy, well a man really, who was by him self, sitting alone, thinking about trees, and Lizards, and what not. He travels the land, and searches in every corner of what he sees. And discovers that he isn't looking for the tree, or the lizard, or anything he thought he would find. They were with him the whole time, he was carrying them with him, in his heart. And once he realized this, the Lizard, and the Tree all came to him, and he didn't have to go anywhere. My film never got made.
"And so there he was, walking the streets like he did all the time, with his new found knowledge, and his new found hope. She came out of the empty house and shook his hand, then took his hand and showed him to the tree. It was at the house where his journey began. You can climb the tree or hang from it, she said. And she gave him some rope. He gave her some wood, and they built a swing."