Tuesday 2 March 1999

MARCH 2 2000

No matter what you all want to believe, I am a person, who is very complex, and has feelings like the reast of you. It has been a strange life... More so than most of yours I'm sure... I have done lots of things, and touched lots of people with the things I do. I am important. I am sure of this. I know I can be useful again, I just need to try. I have taken the first step today, and bought myself a new leather jacket. My latest album is so powerful to me. I don't think any of you can understand what it takes out of a person to make music. Not unless of course you are a musician your self, and make the music for meaning that goes far beyond money. I may not be the best song writter in the world, (I think my friend Terry just may be though..) but the things I say are all true, very true to me. When I listened to the track 'Igot someone to love' after I had finnished mixing it, I lost it and broke out in tears... For me, that song is the cumanation of 15 years making music. I have never been so proud of myself. And to think I wrote the words, music, everything that went in to that song way back in like 1994... It sums up my existance... If you are fortunate enough to listen to that album, you are finding out who I am, in a deeper and more intamate way than you ever could in person...
Sorry about all this... Not enough sleep, and too many pharmaceuticals me thinks.

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