Sunday 7 February 1999


The beat from the song 'Fool's Gold' changed my life. My Walkman is my best friend.

Friday 5 February 1999


Woo Hoo!! I have changed my page, with my new understanding of frames! I like it, I don't espacially care if any one else does. My new film is on it's way to being done, to check out my Bo-Bo site, click HERE. Another child of my frame knowledge... Holy shit.. I just looked at my people page.. I wrote some fucked up shit on there.. I don't remember... Oh well, I don't remember a lot of things these days, I'm so hopped up on drugs all the time i don't know what's happening. I got so much goddamn pain every where... oh well.. I'm getting old.. they say I'm enimic, no doubt from living with these crazy vegetarians... guess I have to start watching my diet... I am SOOOO dizzy!!! Christ!!!! And Sleep??/ I haven't slept in like 4 days!! Just can't any more... don't know why. I AM A MESS! I think I hate it, rather than loving it, like I used to. Holy Shit, do I ever have to piss! CRAZY I tell you... I have decided I hate everyone. It's nothing personal, mind you. If I can't be happy, no one can!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! I am so fucking miserable.... don't know why.... hmmmmm.... I don't thinks me likes the new millenium. Seems to suck pretty bad so far, all I do is work... I don't even sleep! Well... I do sleep sometimes, but as soon as I get up, it's back to work... Fuck does it SUCK! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!! I hate you all!!!! heheheheheheh!! Fuck am I ever dizzy... I just looked up from the screen, and the room was spinning, guess I learned MY lesson! Never again will I look up from thi screen... I got nothing to look at any ways, just a tiny room full of junk, memories from my past, a past that was better than any future I could ask for. I refuse to believe that my life could get better, it seems impossible. Back in 1994... yeah... that was some good times! That's when I had a life, a great life, playing my music for people, every weekend, and they loved it! I was making them happy, just by playing guitar, and wearing a dress... jesus man, it was beautiful... then I happened to half assed grow up, sort of.. well I was supposed to any ways, and then life started to suck... I wonder if it will get better??? Probably not... not with my bad fucking attitude.... I need to lighten up, perhaps.... I don't know. Fuck it.. I'm gonna go pee.. I'm doing the fucking pee-pee dance on my chair.... see ya!