Sunday, 3 January 1999

JANUARY 3 2000

Well, the new year has come and gone, with not even a little bit of mass destruction... I'm glad. I have been having a crappy new year.... why? None of your business. Other than that, My album has been done, and I am now on an insane ego infested rampage telling any one with ears how cool I am... Cuz guess what mother fucker... I am pretty darn cool. Sorry I haven't written for a long time, but, you know how the holidays are.... getting all my water, and food rations, and what not to take with me in to my -now useless- bomb shelter for the new year.... Just kidding kids... My plan to stay home, get drunk, and cry myself to sleep on new years eve never came through... well at least not the stay home part... So no worries, I was out there getting as drunk as humanly possible, like the rest of you.... I just found out that there is a manned mission to mars planned for the year 2019... I am so excited!! Wooo Hooo!!! And they have discovered a planet, in another solar system, that is just like Earth!! That means there are probably groovy assed Aliens on it!! And I know they all want to hear my new CD..... I know they do..... Well... I got some pictures developed, and put some new one on my people I crave page... You should go check that out... Some really cute ones of my kids... You dig?? I will be emptying the contense of my bag on to my scanner tonight, so go check out what's in there too... Found a groovy picture of me wearing a shirt with no sleeves... Click Here to see it... Why would you want to? Cuz I'm one Groovy mother fuckin' guy... That's why. I am just too pleased with my CD, you will have to forgive me if I live in a self obsessed haze for a while... Any hoo... see ya cats later...

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