Sunday, 31 January 2016

Imitative Magic Reviewed.

Film Review of “Imitative Magic” by Vahini Govender

Imitative Magic has a very large cast.
I enjoyed the colour tone of the film.
Nigel stood out, despite his minimal screen time.
Elaine’s vocals haunt this film.
I’m used to watching movies where people talk to ghosts.
I cringed when Cadence wore her boots on the bed.
The Chief of Police is a most memorable character.
I couldn’t hear the crazy masked guy very well in his first scene.
I wondered if Cadence and Bert fell off his bike after they rode off.
Cadence’s brother is so needed in this film.
The animation is so awesome.
I do not want to be like Bert’s parents.
My favourite scenes are the ones with The Mosquito.
There is some excellent creative editing in this film.
This film is nerdy and surrealistic.
It was good.
It was worth thinking about.

Vahini Govender is an artist and writer who lives on Vancouver Island Canada.
More info about her can be found on her website:

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Imitative Magic will be avilable to watch on-line!

February 14th! Imitative Magic will finally be available to the world!
Watch Trailer:
More info:

I hope everyone is as excited about getting to watch my new film as I am!

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Holiday wishes!!

Don't forget to continue the warped holiday tradition of watching the SC Entertainment Holiday Special, free on-line!!

Or if you just need a quick and twisted holiday fix, here is our local heroes The Electric Oinks with a faithful rendition of a holiday standard... (More like this on the Holiday Special above!)

Friday, 27 November 2015

November Memories

November has traditionally been a big month for me to film some kind of movie.. I'm not sure why I ever think that the beginning of winter makes sense, but I guess it does. This year I have nothing going on.. But here's a look back on some of the November things from the recent past...

2014 - SC Holiday Special

2013 - Dorriss Doom

2012 - World of the Uncanny

2009 - Olive

2007 - A Zebra For Sally

2005 - Out of State

2002 - Cindy Mae and the Collar of Doom

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Imitative Magic DVD Now Available!

I made a movie this year.. it was a lot of work and took a very long time. It's about two crazy kids who go on an adventure and fall in love.
You can buy that movie here:

Here's the trailer:

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Imitative Magic Official Trailer!!

The long awaited trailer for this thing I have been building for about 10 months is here!! Check it out!
I imagine it will be available on DVD in October. This is the culmination of LOTS of hard work.. enjoy!!

Monday, 17 August 2015

Imitative Magic - Nearly done shooting!

Liam Gonzalez and Jorgie Krygier-Paine
This has been a very long and awesome summer for making this movie. If you haven't heard anything about it yet, Imitative Magic is a new feature length film starring the ridiculous talents of Jorgie Krygier-Paine and Liam Gonzalez. It follows the adventures of Cadence, all around amazing woman, and member of the Calgary Beefart and Cheenkaw Appreciation Society.
Her two heroes, Beefart and Cheenkaw go missing right in the middle of a strange string of mysterious murders. No one seems to be able to find them, or stop the deaths from happening. That's when Cadence becomes increasingly fed up with people's inability to get up and take a stand for what's right. She takes it upon herself to not only find Beefart and Cheenkaw, but while at it, hopfully put an end to these bizarre killings. the only person who seems to want to help her is her mail man Bert. Who is behind the killings? How is the Ever Love retirement home involved? Will cadence's friends continue to write strange steamy Cheenkaw fan fiction? Will Cadence's brother ever stop complaining about the state of the music scene in Calgary? And why isn't Calgary's premiere superhero, The Mosquito helping out?

All these questions and more will be answered near the end of September when Imitative Magic is released. For now, please enjoy some of these stills from the film and other behind the scenes photos. Click on them to see bigger.

Jeff Robertson and Sherri Dahl

Jorgie and Caroline Buzanko

On Location  with Cinematographer Neil Christensen
and Sound Mixer Elaine Boyling
Staff and Students at
Lafe Travis High School

The people of Ever Love Village

Johnny Auchie as Walter

HeatherLyn Renault and Chengis Javeri

Blain Covert

The Beefart and Cheenkaw Appreciation Society 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Space Station Zero in High Quality and Imitative Magic

Starting today, July 7th, for anyone who has children, or great taste, the first 10 episodes of Space Station Zero from the astounding year 2007,are now available in their original DVD quality online for the first time! Indoctrinate any children you can get your hands on who may not even have been alive when Space Station Zero was first on the internet 8 years ago! Sit your kids in front of the computer for like over 6 hours of me, Terry and Marisa trying to be the greatest children's show hosts of all time! Also available will be the 3 episodes from 2010.... Will I ever finally edit the last 7 episodes that were filmed that year??? Only if the masses truly demand I do! So let your voice be heard!!

Click here for all episodes:

In other news, our new amazingly cool feature film about Beefart and Cheenkaw's greatest fan, and her mail man... and the villainous Guadalupe Caracara starts shooting this Saturday! I am horribly excited about it, and I think it will prove to be SC's greatest triumph to date. For all the news, behind the scenes stuff and updates, please follow Imitative Magic on facebook! Go there right now!! Go!!

Also.. here is something creepy I made in 2008 that you can watch:

That's all for now.. I'll be crazy busy for the rest of the summer shooting this feature film.. wish me luck!


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Imitative Magic on Facebook

There is now a page for the feature film that we start shooting in two weeks. If you are interested in updates about our progress, by all means follow the page and like it.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Mosquito Magic

Production has started on our upcoming film 'Imitative Magic!' As you can see, Calgary's greatest superhero, The Mosquito is back, and she's screwing around on the internet. To be fair, our next shooting date isn't for almost another month.. but it's exciting that things have started. You can see the Mosquito's last film by clicking HERE. Imitative Magic is about one of Beefart and Cheenkaw's biggest fans, and the lengths she will go through to help solve the mystery of their disappearance during a rash of murders in Calgary. It's kind of a love story .