Monday, 30 September 2019

Fukachuk Egg Machine Live - Tickets Available

Tickets are now available for my special live performance on Oct. 5th at the Blind Beggar.
This sort of thing is a very rare event and I hope you can make it!

I will be playing a wide selection of my music from the last 20 years. And I will have Terence and Elaine as my backup band.

I hope to see all my friends that night.


Give me cash and I will hand you a ticket!

E-Transfer me $10 and I can mail you a ticket (No extra charge) or give it to you in person.

Paypal or Credit Card, again I can mail you your ticket or give it to you in person.
Press below to use paypal or credit

Listen to my latest album below:

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

SC Overstock Sale!

SC overstock sale!
I didn't sell very much at the Dino Comic Con this year, so I have a bunch of extra stuff!
Take a look at these beautiful books and Blu-ray discs that can be yours! Just e-mail me
and let me know what you want.

Flat rate shipping price of $5 per order!
I can accept PayPal or money transfers.
I love you!

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

SC Entertainment 36 years Today.

Today marks 36 years since me and Terry created SC Entertainment in his front yard. Originally called Super Cool Comics, we were 7 years old and basically the coolest people who ever lived. Super Cool in fact. Soon we started making music and movies and we were basically a beautiful unstoppable force of nature making things all day long and forcing our friends to join in, whether they wanted to or not. 36 years later, nothing has really changed. I am still making stuff all day long, not getting paid for it, forcing and begging people to help me at every turn, and creating insane projects that will one day change the world. This part of my life is so fulfilling and good. Creating teams to work on movies, discovering people's hidden talents, making actual dreams come true and secretly pushing my socialist agenda on unsuspecting normals 😉.
It's been a hell of a year, but again, I'm lucky I can explore things and deal with big issues by using art and film and music to understand why the world is the way it is. And I'm lucky to have the group of people I do, who like to make crazy stuff as much as I do. Anyway, Another year of SC in the books. Next year will see a pretty remarkable feature film, a rare live fukachuk egg machine show and who knows what else... I definitely have some secret plans that need to come true. Happy Birthday SC.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Happy belated new year and other such nonsense.

Can you believe it has been 9 months since I sent out an SC Newsletter?! I guess I have been very busy with a lot of unrelated nonsense. The important thing is I'm back. Back on the attack.
Biggest news is that I am in pre-production on a new live action feature length film!! It's about time!
As you can see from the very exciting promo picture above it is the debut of the amazing crime fighting team of Beetrice and Charleenkaw! Me and Terence retired from crime fighting.. what did you expect would happen?

Anyway, In 'The Ghost Tank' People are being murdered all over the city, however one special victim named Pete is different. She got pulled back to Earth by way of the brilliant Ghost Tank machine, created by the  genius scientist  Lacey. Once Beetrice and Charleenkaw are put on the case things start to get crazy. They soon find out the murderer is a serial killer who was killed in 1984, and is being controlled by a being from the future!!!
By using the Ghost Tank our heroes travel back and forth into the Ghost World to try to solve this bizarre mystery. Blood! Guts! Lasers! Ghosts! Zombies! And a bunch of other absolutely amazing stuff that barely makes sense! Basically, you will want to see this movie.

Sounds great, doesn't it? I think so. And the cast is amazing! We have Fran Van Rooyen in the starring role of Pete, Randolph West as the brilliant scientist Lacy, Jennifer 'Dorriss Doom' Illanes as Charleenkaw, and amazing newcomer Beth Murray in the role of Beetrice. Don't worry, Chengis Javery, Johnny Auchie, Sue Kenyon and Kelton Kolodychuk are all back in fabulous SC form! Plus a pile of other amazing people you will be thrilled to see!

Anyway, clearly I'm setting this up so you will want to help fund this thing.. because it's the best idea I have had all day.


Please share it with everyone you know.....

In other news you can pick up a new Nandi Bear Tenants comic by e-transferring me $6.00 and your mailing address to!

This was a specially made comic to help support Oliver's vet bill earlier this year.

It is Oliver's first adventure after becoming the amazing Baby Mega Boy Electric!!

Watch as he faces off again the villain from the sun, Sunny!

And finally Fukachuk Egg Machine has been asked to play a special rare live show at the Blind Beggar on October 5th.. So make sure you save the date! It's something you definitely don't want to miss.

I think that's all for now.. I'll keep in touch!!

Love -
Mr. Blaise Kolodychuk

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Here it is! A Lot of hard work, completed.. and yours to enjoy for free!!!

The full length action packed, absolutely amazing Saturday morning TV experience. Ripped from the pages of the "wildly popular" comic book, the Nandi Bear Tenants go on an all new adventure! Cats are missing, friends are turned to stone, entire species are being eaten, and long necked stretchy blue ladies are being very annoying.

Also Vampire Badgers.

Read the comics!

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Nandi Bear Tenants Official Trailer! and Fall Arty-Pants!


The full length action packed, absolutely amazing Saturday morning TV experience.
Ripped from the pages of the "wildly popular" comic book, the Nandi Bear Tenants go on an all new adventure! Cats are missing, friends are turned to stone, entire species are being eaten, and long necked stretchy blue ladies are being very annoying.

Watch all the action unfold on October 27th! Tell your kids! Tell your Grandma! Shout from your window like a crazy person!

I have been obsessively working on this film since January, and it is finally all coming together next month. I can't explain how excited and satisfied I am right now!

Go follow Nandi Bear Tenants on Facebook!

The fall block of Arty-Pants classes is now accepting students!
Sign up now to ensure a spot. It usually fills up fast!
More info on our website:

I think thats all until Nandi Bear Tenants comes out on October 27th!! (And your life changes forever)

-Love Blaise

Monday, 27 August 2018

SC Entertainment 35th Anniversary!

Today is the day! 35 years ago me and Terry made this junk up and I have been hopelessly obsessed with making stuff ever since. To the point where it's mostly just annoying!

Anyway, I had a big SC 35th anniversary special planned, but this year has been slightly too crazy to get that particular project done. I still have hopes that I will get it made, but it won't be done by today.

The real important thing is that I am continuing the dream. Making weird stuff and either forcing people to do it with me, or getting people to use their hidden talents to make the world a better place. Probably both. This year has seen a very cool short film I made with Sue and Elaine, as well and hundreds of hours put in to my next animated feature. Of which I am only a little more than half done. It has also seen a lot of terrible personal stuff go down, which sucked. But in the end me, Elaine Boyling and Terence Ramsay are out there every single weekend having the best times of our lives. Those two friends of mine make this all possible. And I know they make fun of my weird schemes and my hopeless OCD, but they do it because they know me so well, and it keeps me going to make more and more stuff that gets seen and heard by like 15 or 16 people every year.

I'm 42 years old now, and I'm clearly delusional. But it's not going to stop. Yesterday I told one of my favourite SC actors, Rene Gonzalez, "Dude, expect phone calls from me to be in my weird movies when you are 90 years old." And as long as I live that long, you can be guaranteed to be enjoying SC Entertainment. and enjoying it as free as possible.

Happy 35th Birthday!

Nandi Bear Tenants Live Action Segments

For the Nandi Bear Tenants Animated Feature, there are loads of in between segments between the episodes. To give it the feeling that you really are watching television in your pajamas and eating cereal.

Most of the live action segments have been shot this August, with a few more I'm hoping to shoot in September.

Here are a few super exclusive photos from some of the shoots.

The Signal

For about a year, very on and off, me, Sue and Elaine have been working hard with a bunch of really talented actors to make a really groovy short film written by Sue. It's kind of a sequel to her cyber-punk short we made a few years ago. This time a mad scientist has unleased a virus on Earth, wiping out most of the population. One woman has the cure and this is the story of her journey to get it to Tabula-Rasa, where other freedom fighters are. basically it's a totally cool post apocalyptic film and you should watch it right now!

Nandi Bear Tenants - The Animated Feature

This entire year has been taken up making this amazing monster of a beast movie. I am a little more than half done. Animation takes time.
The film will be like watching Saturday morning television, and it is split up in to 7 episodes. The story of kind of a sequel to the second book of Nandi Bear Tenants and it has all your favourite characters. All the cats in the country have gone missing, and it is up to the Nandi bear Tenants to solve the mystery, in the mean time they meet the mythical Medusa, a villainous Vampire Badger, and the stretchable Zebedah! Lots of Action and lots of ridiculous scenerios await in this magical masterpiece of madness! I'm super excited, and have literally been drawing pictures of cats and wolvchas for 8 months straight now. It's going to blow your mind. I have no set release date yet, because honestly it is taking a while.
But in the mean time here are some exclusive pictures so far!